メルカド・デ・プルガスMercado de Pulgas

© Mercado de Pulgas

In the border between Palermo Hollywood and Colegiales one of the most important areas for vintage shopping is located: the flea marketパレルモ・ハリウッドとコレヒアレス地区の境界線上の建物の中では、ヴィンテージ物好きには外せない蚤の市が開催されている。会場は4つの通りであるカブレラ、ニセト・ヴェガ、ドレゴそしてコンセプシオン・アレナル と接する巨大な倉庫の中。とにかくたくさんの家具やランプ、ソファー、レコードプレーヤー、古着、雑貨などが所狭しと並べられており、道行く人々の視線を集めている。




Mercado de Pulgas
住所:1600 Dorrego Street, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires

Text and photo: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine

In a huge warehouse situated in the block delimited by Cabrera, Niceto Vega, Dorrego and Concepción Arenal Sreets there is an overwhelming amount of furniture, lamps, sofas, record players, clothes and objects for the curious, which attracts the attention of passers-by.

This market has been open since 1986, a long time before the commercial and tourist boom present in the area nowadays. As time went by, the market grew and gained popularity. Nowadays, you can find there relics as well as discarded elements.

The tour of the market is organized along six corridors, each one labelled with a letter of the word PULGAS, fleas in Spanish, where one picturesque crammed stand follows another one. The offer ranges from highly- priced unique antique pieces to second-hand modern objects. The objects vary in their shape, materials, sizes and the periods they date from. The most prominent lines are antiques, collecting, lighting, crockery and furniture. In addition, lately the offer has been enriched by the presence of tarot readers who offer to unveil mysteries for the visitors, a few artists who have arranged their workshops and sell their creations, and stalls offering to restore furniture.

Most of the objects in the market have been purchased at auctions while the furniture and the oldest objects are unique European pieces that entered the country in the 1920 immigration wave.

If you plan to purchase one of these relics hidden in the market, it is important to know that their prices are not low. However, just by entering this mysterious place you will render your tour an adventure.

Mercado de Pulgas
Address: 1600 Dorrego Street, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Text and photo: Celeste Najt

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