ウマワカ渓谷Humahuaca Valley

Humahuaca Valley was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2003. The valley never stops impressing visitors by its colorful rock face lying over 150km. The valley has been used over the past 10000 years as a major trade route from2003年にユネスコにより世界遺産に登録されているウマワカ渓谷。全長150kmにも及んで連なる多色の岩壁が圧倒的な景観を放っている。歴史的には、1万年に及んでアンデス高地と平原を結ぶ重要な物流のルートであった。ウマワカ渓谷の麓には、プルママルカ、ティルカラ、ウマワカなど、フフイ地方を代表する町が散在している。

プルママルカはフフイ都市部から56km離れた所にある小さな村。ウマワカ渓谷の中でも独特の美しさを放つ“七色の丘” (Cerro de 7 Colores) が町を見下ろしている。七色の丘とは、その名の通り鉱物の違いによって現れた朱色、緑色、紫色、黄土色などの多色の地層のこと。鮮やかなパステルカラーの丘陵を巡るトレッキングコースは市街地からアクセス可能。中心広場の民芸市場では、北部ならではのアルパカセーターやポンチョ、タピスリーや楽器などが並び、賑わいを見せている。



Text: Mami Goda
the high Andean lands to the plains. There are some representative villages of Jujuy province at the foot of the valley such as Purmamarca, Tilcara, Humahuaca, etc.

Purmamarca is a small village located 56km far from Jujuy capital. “Seven colored hill” (Cerro de 7 colores) is one of the most unique and beautiful parts of Humahuaca Valley. As the name suggests, “Seven colored hill” means different color patterns of the stratification like red, green, violet, yellow, etc. The tracking course offering a pastel-colored landscape is also accessible from the central village. In addition, don’t miss the square folk market where you can enjoy shopping of regional products such as alpaca sweaters, ponchos, carpets, musical instruments, etc.

Tilcara is 22km far from Purmamarca and located at a height of 2,461m above sea level. Pucara is an ancient Indian fort about 2 km from the town of Tilcara where ancient houses and their defense facilities are preserved and restored. The cactus garden rings the fort all around.

Humahuaca located at an elevation of 3000km is the biggest town of Humahuaca Valley. The town is famous for its stone-paved square where you also find the Statue of Independence. On the other side of the Rio Grande, you can reach by walking to the viewpoint over the whole town and the valley.

Text: Mami Goda

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