コロニア・デル・サクラメントColonia del Sacramento

If you are once in Buenos Aires, Pleas visit Colonia Del Sacramento, a small Uruguayan port town, near from Buenos Aires. To get to Colonia Del Sacramento, it takes only about 45 minutes by speedboat from the port of Buenos Airesブエノスアイレスを訪れた際、是非足を伸ばしてみるとよいのが、ウルグアイにある小さな港町、コロニア・デル・サクラメント。ブエノスアイレス港から高速船でわずか約45分、普通のフェリーで約3時間でラ・プラタ川を越え、コロニアに到着。アルゼンチン港で出国審査とウルグアイの入国審査共に済ませる。




Text: Mami Goda
, passing La Plata River, or about three hours by a regular ferry. All the immigration processes and passport controls should be finished at the port of Argentina.

Colonia Del Sacramento, located in the southwest of Uruguay, is the oldest town of the country. As this town repeated to be governed by Spain and Portugal since 17th Centuries, it offers a beautiful mixture of architectural styles of both countries. In 1995 the historic district located near the cape became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the old walls and gates which testify the town’s old history are in harmony with old cobbled streets and avenues. Another thing recommended to do is to see to some antique cars parked in the streets which also add charms to this old town.
From the lighthouse, the symbol of Colonia Del Sacramento, you can have the great views of whole town facing La Plata River.

Many people go to Colonia Del Sacramento as a day trip from Buenos Aires for escaping from the bustle of the city. They often take a night ferry to get back to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires neon is also a spectacular view from the ship and can not to be missed. You take only less than an hour to reach this land to relax with full of nature. Why don’t across La Plata River to enjoy an unrealistic life?

Text: Mami Goda


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