バー・スールBar Sur

Although café concerts came to be seen a lot in Buenos Aires, we can never forget the pioneer “Bar Sur.” Bar Sur is located in the historical district of San Telmo現在ではブエノスアイレスに数多く見られるようになったカフェ・コンサートだが、その先駆けだったのがここ、「バー・スール」。サンテルモの歴史地区、エスタドス・ウニドス通りとバルカルセ通りの交差する角に位置している。


バー・スールはウォン・カーウァイの1997年の映画「ブエノスアイレス」(Happy Together)に登場したことでも話題になった。トニー・レオン扮するファイがドアマンとして働いているタンゴ・バーだ。こじんまりとしたスペースだが、近距離でタンゴを楽しみながらカクテルを嗜む人々の様子が思い出されるのではないだろうか。


Bar Sur
住所:Estados Unidos 299, San Telmo, Buenos Aires
TEL:+51 11 4362 6086

Text: Mami Goda
, at the corner of Balcarce and Estados Unidos streets.

The building itself was built in 1910. When it was opened in 1967, the original owner liked the beautiful appearance, which remained above the trends with its retro interior, so he left most of its original charm. The heavy wood furniture, the grid-patterned black and white tiled floor, Bordeaux velour curtains, framed paper cutouts and drawings, are some of the details full of history.

Bar Sur is well known as the location of Wong Kar-Wai’s film “Happy Together” in 1997. It is the tango bar where Tony Leong plays doorman. You might remember the scene in which people are enjoying looking at the tango in a small space at close range.

Bar Sur has now also become one of the best parts for visitors from around the world. National and international entertainers, writers, and politicians often visit. Bar Sur is opened from 8:00 pm until 3:00 am everyday since its opening in 1967. To watch the tango performance in accordance with the bandoneon, to get immersed in this charming historical space is to recognize that the Tango is always what has kept Buenos Aires in this permanent beauty. 

Bar Sur
Address: Estados Unidos 299, San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Open Hours: 20:00 – 03:00
Tel: +51 11 4362 6086

Text: Mami Goda

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