カーサ・プエブロHotel Casapueblo

© Club Hotel Casapueblo

© Club Hotel Casapueblo

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is located in South America and its boundaries are Brazil and the Argentinean provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes, from which it is separated by the Uruguay Riverウルグアイ東方共和国は南アメリカに位置し、ブラジルとアルゼンチンのエントレリオス州及びコリエンテス州に国境を接している。また、西側に流れるウルグアイ川がアルゼンチンとの国境となっている。







Club Hotel Casapueblo
住所:Punta Ballena, Uruguay
TEL: (00598) 42-578611

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
. Its relative proximity to Buenos Aires has rendered several of the cities in Uruguay tourist resorts, such as Punta del Este, Piriápolis, Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento, Salto, Lavalleja and Rocha, among many others.

Punta del Este is doubtless the most popular resort, especially in the summer, due to its wide beaches, its gastronomic offer and its picturesque neighbouring areas: José Ignacio, La Barra, Punta Ballena, Solanas, etc.

Bordering the coastline on the intercoastal route in the area of Punta Ballena, a huge white house reminiscent of the Mediterranean calls the traveller’s attention: it is Casapueblo. This impressive building was created by artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, who got his inspiration from the ovenbird — a typical bird of Uruguay—, the country man — who builds his house out of adobe — and the sea. Its architecture has been modelled in an open fight against straight lines and following the concept of a baking oven: pointed domes alternating with vegetation and wide terraces looking towards the aquatic horizon.

Club Hotel Casapueblo comprises 72 flats ranging between 1 and 4 rooms, with terraces overlooking the sea, and it is 13 km away from the centre of Punta del Este.
Carlos Páez Vilaró’s Museum-Workshop is next to the hotel. His sculptures and paintings and samples of mural art done by the artist in different countries over the last fifty years are on display there.

If you are on a daily visit to have tea there, contemplate the sunset from its terraces, or get to know Páez Vilaró’s work or if you are planning to stay in one of its comfortable flats, Casapueblo is an emblematic sign of Uruguay that you must not miss.

Club Hotel Casapueblo
Address: Punta Ballena, Uruguay
Tel: (00598) 42-578611

Text: Celeste Najt
Club Hotel Casapueblo
地址:Punta Ballena, Uruguay
电话: (00598) 42-578611

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