© Humawaca

© Humawaca

Humawaca was born with the objective of creating a unique, novel product, different from what we are used to see in the market. By combining the best Argentine leather with the world’s leading trends, they make functionalウマワカは、それまでの市場で使い古されたものではなく、ユニークで革新的なものを作っていくという明確なコンセプトのもと生まれた。アルゼンチンの最高品質のレザーと最先端のトレンドを組み合わせる事により、彼らは魅力的、実用的かつアバンギャルドなアクセサリーを作る事に成功している。このブランドの創設者は建築家のサンドラ・ルデリアで、彼女は2005年にバレルモにショップをオープンしている。

ウマワカの製品はコート、 アクセサリー類(財布、手袋、ベルト)、鞄、ハンドバッグ、手さげ鞄、さらにハイテクなものではソーラー発電機付きの鞄など多岐にわたる。ウマワカの最も注目すべき点はそのデザインにと言ってもいいであろう。いくつかのクラシカルなデザインの商品と共に、特徴的な色、形をもったお洒落なアイテムが揃う。



住所:4692 El Salvador st., Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11 4832 2662

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuji Shinfuku
, attractive and avant-garde accessories. The brand’s creator is Sandra Rudelir, an architect who opened her store in Palermo in 2005.

The range of products of Humawaca includes coats and accessories – such as purses, gloves and belts – bags, handbags, briefcases and high-tech products –a solar briefcase,. The special feature of the brand lies in its design: modern options with innovative colours and shapes, as well as some more classical options.

The musts of the last collection are the Orion and Fenix Handbags, both designed with openwork that play with the combination of textures and colours. As regards practical options, the Victoria Handbag is very user-friendly for it adapts to the body and has an easy-to-access side pocket for keys and mobile phones. Another recently developed product are the iPad covers made of leather with padding inside and a laser-engraved flipside.

Humawaca is quality, novelty and innovation.

Address: 4692 El Salvador st., Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 (Sundays from 15:00)
Tel: +54 11 4832 2662

Text: Celeste Najt

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