イル・バーロ・デル・マットーネIl ballo del mattone

Photo: Leo Prieto (Il Ballo)

Photo: Leo Prieto (Il Ballo)

リタ・パヴォーネの歌でも歌われている「イル・バーロ・デル・マットーネ」もまた、パレルモ近辺で意外なレストランだ。ゴリチストリートの並木道から、楽しげな雰囲気のインテリアを眺めることができるIl ballo del Mattone as well as being a song by Rita Pavone is also a surprising restaurant in the Palermo neighbourhood.。70年代のランプ、プリント地のテーブルクロス、色の付いたライト、ペナントと美術品が、イル・バーロ・デル・マットーネの素晴らしいフードと共存している。店は7つのテーブルから始まったが、人々の要求が高かったので隣接している2番目、3番目の土地へと広がり、現在では熱い顧客の為に40のテーブルが設けられている。

Il ballo del mattone
住所:5934/36/50 Gorriti Street, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11 47764247

Text: Celeste Najt
From tree-lined Gorriti Street a cheerful atmosphere can be seen indoors, as a result of the heterogeneous interior decoration. Lamps dating from the 70s, printed tablecloths, coloured lights, pennants and works of art coexist with the wonderful food at Il Ballo del Mattone. It started out with 7 tables, but because public demand was high the restaurant spread onto a second neighbouring plot of land and finally a third one, so that nowadays there are 40 tables for their fervent customers.

The key: the freshness of the food made with the ingredients bought each day, faithfully complying with the Italian gastronomic spirit. As the ingredients vary, the expectations of going to Il Ballo and discovering new flavours on each occasion multiply. Some examples of meals are, among others, tenderloin with mushrooms and potatoes, chicken stuffed with plum and bacon, and skid ink ravioli filled with salmon. Before the meal, an abundant variety of cheeses, dried tomatoes, olives and homemade bread is served, and for dessert, there is chocolate cheesecake with cream ice-cream and the best caramel-coated peanuts you have ever tried. But this is not all. Once a month, the fun loving owners of the restaurant — Adrián Francolini, Julián Moncalvo, Marcelo Moncalvo, Valeria Sánchez, and Gimena Pelliza— invite a famous artist, ranging from an Italian singer to hip-hop youngsters, to liven up the evening so that the diners can end up dancing, and let the food go down cheerfully and healthily. Other advantages of Il ballo include the fact that every month there is a different art exhibition, and off-restaurant hours there are weekly bread-baking lessons for children and yoga classes.

Spending an evening at Il Ballo del Mattone is an analogy for a trip, anything can happen and one does never know exactly where one is. Thus, it is not just a coincidence that the dream of the founder of Il Ballo — Adrián Francolini— is to be able to open a branch in Japan, to continue with the magic of mixing geographical cultures.

Il ballo del mattone
Address: 5934/36/50 Gorriti Street, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 47764247

Text: Celeste Najt
Il ballo del mattone
地址:5934/36/50 Gorriti Street, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 11 47764247

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