グリーン・バンブー・レストランGreen Bamboo Restaurant

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

Among the Asian gastronomic offer in Buenos Aires, Green Bamboo is a ticket to the Eastern World. Following the Vietnamese spiritブエノス・アイレスの数あるアジア料理店の中でも、このレストランは東洋の世界を味わう入り口となってくれる。ベトナムの精神を引き継ぎながらも、三人のオーナーは、パレルモを飛び出し、温か味のある色合いの薄明かりに包まれた空気が感じられる、そんな旅をしているかのような体験を育む場所を作り出した。


お薦めのドリンクは、ボンベイジン、トリプルセック、レモン、生姜、ミントを合わせたグリーン・バンブー(6US$)。メニューには、ヴィッ・クァイ(アヒルのグリル 20US$)、トム・タム・ボッ・チーン(海老のフリッター 9US$)や、ボー・ルック・ラック(サイコロステーキ 14US$)などのベトナム料理が並んでいるが、その素材には日本酒やとんかつソース、豆腐などの日本の食材も使われている。



Green Bamboo Restaurant
住所:Costa Rica 5802, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 4775 7050

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
, Darío Muhafara, Lucila Blumencweig and Santiago Trimboli have created a space that fosters travelling; moving out of Palermo in order to enter an atmosphere ruled by dim lights in warm colour shades.

As well as the atmosphere, added as a purpose for the eastern trip there are exquisite and refined dishes, novel combinations for the palate. Some good examples are: Vit Quay (20USD), ginger-marinated duck with rice wine, crystallized with shitake mushrooms, garlic and ginger and garnished with rice, turnip chutney and fried sweet potatoes. The suggested drink is Green Bamboo (6USD) – made of Bombay Gin, triple sec, lemon, ginger and mint. The most popular dishes are: Tom Tam Bot Chien (9USD), fried shrimps coated with sesame seeds with tonkatsu sauce and Bo Luc Lac (14USD), sautéed sirloin dice marinated in lemongrass, honey and sweet chilli with eggplant, tofu and grilled Asian mushrooms.

For dessert: Socola Hai (7USD) Passion fruit mousse on a wet chocolate and file dough crispy cake or the incomparable Nem Ban Coc (7USD) a crispy roll with coconut cream, bananas and toasted almonds on chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Part of the warmth of Green Bamboo is due to its limited capacity, so it is important to book a table in advance and get ready for a trip for the senses.

Green Bamboo Restaurant
Address: Costa Rica 5802, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Open: every day by night
Tel: +54 4775 7050

Text: Celeste Najt
地址:Costa Rica 5802, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 4775 7050

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