エキスペリエンシア・デル・フィン・デル・ムンドExperiencia del Fin del Mundo

© Experiencia del Fin del Mundo

© Experiencia del Fin del Mundo

Most people normally associate Argentine wine with Mendoza, but Argentina has about 2.8 million km2 rich land which possesses from north to south the ideal terrains for wine makingアルゼンチンワインといったらメンドーサを連想する人がほとんどだろう。だが、約280万km2もの豊かな土地を持つアルゼンチンには、ワイン作りに豊かな地形が北部から南部まで広がっている。特にアルゼンチン南部のパタゴニア地方は、湿度の低い乾燥した気候と適度な風と日の光をあびた土地がワイン作りに適していると、近年人気のワイン生産地となっている。




Experiencia del Fin del Mundo
住所:Honduras 5673, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 911 4852 6661

Text and photo: Mami Goda
. Patagonia region of southern Argentina in particular, by its dray climate and daily winds in addition to the suitable, has become a popular wine growing region in recent years.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Bodega del Fin del Mundo is the most famous winery of southern Argentina. Bodega del Fin del Mundo means “Winery of the edge of the world”. In 1996, they started to create a new grape producing region in Neuquen, Patagonia and the construction of the winery began in 2002. And they inaugurated the brand in 2003 with their first harvest 2003. Ranging from affordable to luxury, Bodega el Fin del Mundo provides the most famous and popular Patagonia wine among the wine market.

Experiencia del Fin del Mundo is the first wine bar operated by Bodega del Fin del Mundo created in Palermo Hollywood district of Buenos Aires in 2010.In the remarkable store design with massive stone bricks, the menu is specially lined up for wine lovers. It’s good to know that they don’t have restaurant prices but more reasonable bodega prices.

Every single dish is decorated with beautiful presentation. It’s the ideal place for wine lovers where they can enjoy the best Argentine Patagonia wine.

Experiencia del Fin del Mundo
Address: Honduras 5673, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: From 20:30 (Saturday from 20:00)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +54 911 4852 6661

Text and photo: Mami Goda

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