エル・ガト・ネグロEl Gato Negro

Photo: © Jimena Almarza, El Gato Negro

Photo: © Jimena Almarza, El Gato Negro

On Corrientes Ave. where theatres, cinemas, cultural centres, bookshops, bars and restaurants appear one after the other, there is a special place that no visitor interested in the typical Porteño spirit劇場や映画館、文化施設、書店、バーやレストランが軒を連ねるコリエンテス通り。ブエノスアイレス人ならではのスピリットを感じてみたい旅行者にはぜひお勧めしたいスポットがここにある。エル・ガト・ネグロ(黒猫)だ






El Gato Negro
住所:1669 Corrientes Avenue, Downtown, Buenos Aires
営業時間:9:00〜23:00 (木曜00:00まで, 金・土曜02:00まで, 日曜15:00〜23:00)
TEL:+54 11 4374 1730 / 4371 6942

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Shiori Saito
should miss: El Gato Negro (The Black Cat).

It was opened in 1927 in a venue a block away from the one the store is located now – where they moved to in 1928. This spice store-bar has a long and charming story. Its founder was a Spanish man, Victoriano López Robredo, who worked for a British company and for 40 years lived in Ceylán, Singapur and the Philipines travelling from place to place. One day in one of those trips, he came up with the idea of using as a logo for his project a black cat sitting, with a red ribbon around its neck because that was printed on the menu of the train restaurant car.

The shop became well-known for having the best spices, mostly brought from abroad. Its fame in Buenos Aires is due to them, as well as for its teas and coffees.

The incomparable style of an elegant grocer’s remains intact in this store: Italian ash and oak counters and showcases, Dutch chandeliers made of bronze, Thonet chairs, knowledgeable and extremely kind salespeople.

On finding such immaculate disposition and exhibition of seeds, aromatic herbs, spices, diet salt, jars of spices, a selection of sauces, glazed fruits, first-class tea leaves and coffee beans, customers can allow their imaginations to wander freely and dream they are in an old-time Argentina.

The store is ideal for a cup of tea or coffee before a show for its characteristic warmth, as well as for the fine flavours of its products. It is a must to experiment what The Black Cat has to offer.

El Gato Negro
Address: 1669 Corrientes Avenue, Downtown, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 9:00-23:00 (Thu till 00:00, Fri and Sat till 02:00, Sun 15:00-23:00)
Tel: +54 11 4374 1730 / 4371 6942

Text: Celeste Najt
El Gato Negro(黑猫)
地址:1669 Corrientes Avenue, Downtown, Buenos Aires
开放时间:9:00-23:00 (星期四至00:00, 星期五・六至02:00, 星期日15:00-23:00)
电话:+54 11 4374 1730 / 4371 6942

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