キメラ・デル・アルテQuimera del Arte

© Quimera del Arte

© Quimera del Arte

Quimera del arte is a space in which an art gallery, with young emerging artists, a bookstore specialized in art, with a huge selection of books on painting, photography, architecture, cinema, theatre, design, illustrationキメラ・デル・アルテは、新進気鋭の若いアーティストによる作品を展示するアートギャラリーであり、他方ではペインティングや写真から建築、映画、演劇、デザイン、イラストレーション、芸術理論、子供向けまでを揃えた著大なセレクションを持つアートに特化した本屋、また多彩な料理やサラダ、ペストリー、コーヒーを提供する飲食店でもある。各エキシビジョンには映像の上映や音楽、討論会、アーティストとの座談会などといった活動が伴っている。





Quimera del Arte
住所:Humboldt 1981, Palermo Hollywood, 1414 Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11-4772-8553

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Ayami Ueda
, theory and for kids, and a deli, with a wide variety of dishes, salads, pastries and coffee live together. Every exhibition is accompanied by activities such as screenings, music, debates, talks with artists and several courses.

The person responsible for the project is Gabriel Bitterman, who holds a BA in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art and is finishing his MA in Curatorship in Visual Arts (UNTREF).

‘The idea sprung from an interest in having my own space in which to arrange exhibitions with a curatorship based on the development of concepts and ideas. Upon observing that art galleries in general are cold hostile spaces, and that people do not return after the opening events in each exhibition, I decided to add a bookstore specialized in art and a coffee shop, to offer visitors more excuses to come to this space. By having Wi-Fi and allowing customers to take the books to the tables and consult them, they can stay for hours and visit us regularly,’ Gabriel says.

To the attractive cultural offer of the space is added the cosy deli where the salad bar, the exquisite patisserie and the weekend brunch are all good choices to take into account.

Quimera del arte is a place that conveys a feeling of balance: a nice atmosphere, a very interesting cultural offer and delicious food, all make up an ideal combo that is worth experiencing.

Quimera del Arte
Address: Humboldt 1981, Palermo Hollywood, 1414 Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 (Saturday till 19:00)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +54 11-4772-8553

Text: Celeste Najt

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