© Formosa

© Formosa

In a small, not very busy street in the neighbourhood of Colegiales there is a place that stands out: Formosa. This project was born in 2007, back then it was called Canasta and it brought together the concepts of art galleryレヒアレス界隈の静かな小道にひときわ目をひく場所がある。フォルモサだ。2007年に始まったこのプロジェクトは当初カナスタと呼ばれており、そのコンセプトはアートギャラリー、図書館、ビデオギャラリー、さらにはベーカリーショップにまで及んでいた。




住所:Delgado 1235, Colegiales, Buenos Aires
営業時間:月曜日、水曜日 16:00〜21:00, 金曜日 18:00まで

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Kazuyuki Yoshimura
, library, video library and even baker’s store.

‘The idea was to create something new, like a game. At the time each member had their own idea of what they wanted to create, like the library and the video library, workshops, etc. We wanted the neighbourhood to be present, we sought to create a place where the neighbours could get together and participate,’ Guillermina Baiguera, artist, self-taught embroiderer and current responsible person for the project, says.

From that beginning to the present day, several things have taken place in this peculiar site: art exhibitions, fairs, intimate concerts on the sidewalk, embroidery, drawing, photo and poetry workshops, film projections, dinners, etc. For 2011 Formosa is arranging a small arts and crafts school, in addition to the events they usually hold.

The audience at Formosa comprises young people, art devotees, and unpretentious neighbours who get together to enjoy simple and beautiful proposals.

Address: Delgado 1235, Colegiales, Buenos Aires
Open: Monday and Wednesday 16:00-21:00, Friday till 18:00

Text: Celeste Najt

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