クルチェット邸Curutchet House

Curutchet house is also famous as the filming location of Gaston Duprat’s film “The Man Next Door”. The Curutchet House is the only work of Le Corbusier built in South Americaガストン・ドゥブラット監督の映画「ル・コルビュジエの家」の舞台になったクルチェット邸。南アメリカ大陸にある唯一の建築家ル・コルビュジエによる建築だ。ブエノスアイレスから川沿いを南方に60kmほど行ったところに位置するラ・プラタ市にある。この邸宅は1949年から1953年の間にアルゼンチンでは著名な外科医クルチェット氏のために立てられたもの。



1987年には国の文化遺産に登録され、現在ではCAPBA (ブエノスアイレス州建築学校) のキャンパスの一つとして公開され、一般人も訪れることができる。

Curutchet House
住所:Boulevard 53 Nº 320, entre 1 y 2, La Plata, Argentina
TEL:+54 221 4218032 / 4822631

Text: Mami Goda
. It is located in the city of La Plata located along the river about 60km from Buenos Aires. This house was built for the famous surgeon Dr. Curutchet between 1949 and 1953.

The ground floor is a garage space, and the living space starts from the first floor. The house was built on a 180 square meters limited site that incorporated the concept of “promenade”, which eliminates the boundaries between inside and outside of the house. As the Mondrian-like pattern, geometric and simple structure organized by white horizontal and vertical lines is eye catching.

The facade is in glass that makes the space open itself to the outside. The tree that was there since before construction was integrated in the architecture, and the two slopes inside the house give a sense of openness and offer the stunning sensation of depth, height, and distance.

In 1987, the house was registered as a national monument. It actually used to be one of the campuses of CAPBA (Buenos Aires provincial College of Architecture), and was opened to the public.

Curutchet House
Address: Boulevard 53 Nº 320, entre 1 y 2, La Plata, Argentina
Opening Hours: 10:00-14:30 (Closed on Saturday – Monday)
Tel: +54 221 4218032 / 4822631

Text: Mami Goda

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