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A shaomai (A steamed meat dumpling) at Kiyoken is known as a specialty in Yokohama city. In 1927, the manager at Kiyoken at that time had an eye on a shaomai横浜名物として知られる、崎陽軒のシウマイ。昭和3年の発売以来、変わらぬレシピでつくり続けられている「昔ながらのシウマイ」(写真)は、昭和2年に当時の支配人が横浜南京街(現在の中華街)で、突き出しに出される「シューマイ」に目をつけ、南京街の点心職人「呉遇孫」をスカウトし、試行錯誤の末、創業者や支配人も調理場に加わり、昭和3年3月に完成した。豚肉と干帆立貝柱が出逢って生まれた豊かな風味が特徴のシウマイは、冷めても美味しく一口サイズで食べやすい。



横浜駅東口からすぐの崎陽軒本店には、中華の京料理といわれる広東料理をベースに、グローバルな料理哲学から生まれる“ロマンチック・カントニーズ”を堪能できる「中国料理 嘉宮」、ナポリの伝統郷土料理とヨコハマがテーマのレストラン「トラットリア イルサッジオ」の他、ランチバイキングが大人気の「ビアレストラン 亜利巴”巴”」、26種類の紅茶はじめ、彩りを添えるケーキやスコーンにもこだわった「ティーサロン アボリータム」など独自のレストランを展開している。


Text: Saori Hashiguchi
which is served as a starter in Yokohama Nanjin town (currently called China Town) and he scouted a Chinese dumpling chef “Wu Suin”. After a continuous trial and error ,the founder of the Kiyoken, the manager and Suin created the first original shaomai in March 1928.

The bite-sized shaomai featuring the rich flavor of pork and eye of scallop is easy to eat and delicious either hot or lukewarm. The old fashioned shaomai has been cooked by the same recipe since then. Addition to the standard “old fashioned shaomai”, The taste of “The special shaomai” which is one and half size bigger and put more eye of scallop is richer flavor. That is best for a gift or souvenirs. “prawn shaomai” which is featuring the unique texture and the flavor of fresh prawn. “crab shaomai” which is featuring selected Zwai crab and deliciously packed the flavor and the texture of that.

The other family of shaomai menu except take-out shaomai are standard train lunch “shaomai luch box” firstly appeared in 1954. Best seller over a half century menu “Yokohama stir-fried rice” is added extra flavor by original char siu (Chinese-style barbecued pork). Those line-ups are available at Kanagawa , Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama stores. And also we can purchase a shaomai by mail order.

Main shop of Kiyoken where is located just after the east exit of Yokohama station, expands the other type of original restaurants such as a tea salon “THE ARBORETUM” which is serving 26 different teas and cakes and scones, “beer restaurant Aribaba” serves popular lunch buffet, The theme of “Trattoria Il Saggio” is traditional Napolian food and Yokohama. “Chinese cuisine Kakyu” serves “romantic Cantonese” created from global cooking philosophy based on Cantonese suisine.

Address: 2-13-12 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Tel: 045-441-8811

Text: Saori Hashiguchi
Translation: Akihiko Hamada


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