エイチピージーアールピー・ギャラリー・トーキョーhpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

Daisuke Nagaoka Exhibition view © hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

Daisuke Nagaoka Exhibition view © hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

The WINDOW GALLERY at “H.P. France Marunouchi,” Laforet Harajuku’s “WALL ART GALLERY,” “Aosando Art Fair,” “hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO,” and the invitation of Ante Vojnovic are some of the fascinating ways in「H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX 丸の内」のウィンドウ・ギャラリー、ラフォーレ原宿の「WALL ART ギャラリー」「青参道アートフェア」「hpgrp GALLERY 東京」、アンテ・ヴォジュノヴィックの招聘など、生活にアートが根付くよう多方面からのプレゼンテーションが魅力の「H.P.FRANCE」(アッシュ・ぺー・フランス)。「hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO」(エイチピージーアールピー・ギャラリー・トーキョー)は、そんなアッシュ・ぺー・フランスが運営するアートの本格的な発信拠点だ。


現在代表的な所属作家には、細かい描写が得意なドローイング作家の永岡大輔、「群馬青年ビエンナーレ2008」大賞受賞の大矢加奈子、第2回シセイドウ アートエッグ入選の窪田美樹、工芸的なクオリティが印象深い谷口悦子の他に、取り扱い作家が15名ほどいる。また国際アートフェアなどにも積極的に出展・参加している。近くには「H.P.DECO」をはじめ個性的なショップが点在するので、青参道にもぜひ注目してほしい。

住所:東京都港区南青山5-7-17 小原流会館 B1F

Text: mina
which “H.P. FRANCE” presents art into our everyday lives. In February 2007, H.P. FRANCE has set up “hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO” as its base for artistic activities.

The works introduced on a monthly basis in this gallery space are those by young artists in their late 20s to late 30s. Young creators who are not manipulated by the market, and possess distinctive worldviews, sophisticated technique, and abilities to produce quality artwork are selected for these exhibits. The gallery aims to present artists in whom it has confidence, and to nurture people who will understand these artists. In order to create a market by fostering new art collectors, the gallery displays scrupulously crafted pieces with collection value, and artwork that is in pristine condition. It is a “gallery” in the widest sense, but it introduces the highest quality of “art.”

Artists currently affiliated with this art space include Daisuke Nagaoka, whose drawings depict delicate details; Kanako Ohya, the winner of the “Gunma Seinen Biennale 2008” Grand Prize; Miki Kubota, prizewinner at the 2nd shiseido art egg exhibition; Etsuko Taniguchi, whose work gives an industrial impression; and 15 other artists. Actively participating in international art fairs is also part of their artistic efforts. “H.P.DECO” and other original shops are expected to open in this area as well, making Aosando a hot destination.

Address: B1F, 5-7-17 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:00-20:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday)
Tel: 03-3797-1507

Text: mina
Translation: Makiko Arima
hpgrp GALLERY 东京
地址:东京都渋谷区神宫前5-1-15 CHビルB1F

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