© AKAAKA Gallery

© AKAAKA Gallery

Bringing a new lease on life to what used to be an old futon factory, AKAAKA Gallery, opened on April 2009 in the up-and-coming art district of Kiyosumi-Shirawaka古い工場を改装して誕生した、AKAAKAギャラリー。アートスポットとして注目される清澄白河エリアにあり、2009年4月にオープンした。写真集を出版している赤々舎が運営しているため、開催される写真展は、どれも期待を裏切らないものばかりだ。


赤々舎代表、姫野の鑑識眼は鋭い。木村伊兵衛写真賞では、志賀理江子、岡田敦、浅田政志が受賞している。浅田政志は、ギャラリーのオープニング展を飾った写真家。巨大スペースを幾つかの部屋に分けるという革新的な方法を用い、「浅田家 赤々・赤ちゃん」を展示した。


AKAAKA Gallery

Text: Alicia Tan
Translation: Chihiro Miyazaki
Images Courtesy of AKAAKA Gallery
. The gallery is managed by AKAAKA ART PUBLISHING, Inc., which specializes in photography art books. So it comes as no surprise that the Gallery too, takes pride in holding frequent photography exhibitions.

The gallery is takes a no-frills approach in terms of its interior, clearly placing the photographers’ works as the centerpiece. The gallery’s unassuming white walls serve as a good backdrop for the riveting collection from their artists. In addition, it’s history as a factory is a plus point for the gallery, with the amount of space it has to work with. The large floor area pushes the photographer as well as the curatorial staff to think of creative ways of showing off otherwise two dimensional pieces of art. Photographs are transformed from a flat object to something that transcends the third-dimension, literally bringing audiences into the picture.

Certainly the president of AKAAKA, Kimi Himeno’s ambitious efforts have paid off in both publishing and showcasing the artists of AKAAKA. What started out as a space to exhibit young Japanese photographers, has evolved into a gallery where photography is promoted as an art-form.

With Himeno’s eye for talent, the gallery boasts Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award recipients Lieko Shiga, Atsushi Okada and Masashi Asada. The latter, Masashi Asada, graced the gallery as its opening exhibition with his “Asada Family AKAAKA AKACHAN” with its innovative use of the gallery’s immense space by splitting the area into different “rooms”.

AKAAKA Gallery’s annex houses a shop where their in-house publications and exhibition-related goods can be purchased.

AKAAKA Gallery
Address: 2-5-10 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 20:00
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: 03-5620-1475

Text: Alicia Tan
Image Courtesy of AKAAKA Gallery


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