ノーベル博物館Nobel Prize Museum

© Novel Prize Museum. Photo: Hans Nilsson

© Novel Prize Museum. Photo: Hans Nilsson

Arguably, the Nobel Prize is the most popular event held in Sweden and it puts the country in the international media spotlight every year. The Nobel Prize Museum is home for anything that takes inspiration from Nobel Prize’s unique combination of fields – natural sciences, literature, and peace. It is very interesting, there is something special within the DNA of a Swede. Some Swedish icons are popular for turning a situation around, what at first glance could be seen as something negative, it turns into something positive. For instance, IKEA’s Ingvar Kamprad was banned from producing furniture in Scandinavia, which he turned into the core of his success. 毎年国際的なメディアの注目を集めるノーベル賞は、間違いなくスウェーデンで開催される最も人気のあるイベントである。ノーベル博物館は、自然科学、文学、平和など、ノーベル賞のユニークな分野の組み合わせのインスピレーションが集まっている。スウェーデン人のDNAに組み込まれた何か特別なもの、面白いものがここにはあるのだ。スウェーデン人は、ネガティブに見えていたものをポジティブに変え、状況を好転させてしまうというイメージで好感を持たれている。例えば、IKEAのイングヴァル・カンプラードは、スカンジナビアで家具の生産を禁止されたことが、成功の元となった。



近い将来、ストックホルムの中心部に、ノーベル賞の新しい施設を作る計画もある。 開催中の展示やプログラム、スケジュールの詳細は、博物館のサイトをチェックしてほしい。

Nobel Prize Museum
住所:Stortorget 2, 103 16 Stockholm
開館時間:11:00〜17:00(金曜日20:00まで、土・日曜日 10:00〜18:00)
※6月〜8月 無休 09:00〜20:00
入館料:一般 120 SEK、学生&シニア 80 SEK
TEL:+46 (0)8 534 818 00

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi
Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) invented the dynamite, among many other things. He didn’t want to be remembered just as the inventor of the most popular explosive, which could be used to kill people. Thus, he wanted to create a legacy based on the excellence of studies in science and humanities, “to reward those who had conferred the greatest benefit to humankind,” Nobel stated. Therefore, the museum is not only a mere place for archiving the history of the prize and the Nobel Laureates but a space for new exhibitions, lectures and school programs to show ideas can change the world. The courage, creativity and perseverance of the Nobel Laureates inspire is and give us hope for the future.

The museum is located on Stortorget, in the heart of Gamla Stan – which is the Old Town. Therefore, to pay a visit is rewarded with one of the most characteristic strolls you can find in town. There will be may tourists around, that is true. Nevertheless, to find alternative routes to get lost in Old Town is possible. Romantic, charming, witty, and of course, an arrange of great classic Swedish food is served in the area, including the museum’s café restaurant itself. Not convinced yet? Stop by the museum’s library – open to researchers, students and public – and the shop, make some research or give yourself or someone you love a present that you will hardly find somewhere else.

There are plans to create a new home for the Nobel Prize yet in the center of Stockholm in the early future. For more information about current exhibits, programs and schedule please visit the museum’s site.

Nobel Prize Museum
Address: Stortorget 2, 103 16 Stockholm
Opening hours: 11:00–17:00 (Friday till 20:00, Saturday–Sunday 10:00–18:00)
Closed on Monday
*June–August Daily 09:00–20:00
Admission: Adults 120 SEK, Students (+18yrs) & Senior (+65yrs) 80 SEK
Tel: +46 (0)8 534 818 00

Text: Victor Moreno

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