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© Kusaka Koushi

© Kusaka Koushi

With its streets lined with stylish cafes and French restaurants, lending it an old-world charm, Tanukikoji 8-chome has always been an area geared towards young patrons. In contrast to the bustling activity昔の趣を残しつつも、スタイリッシュなカフェやフレンチレストランなどが立ち並び、若者を中心に注目を集めている狸小路8丁目。中心部の賑やかさとは対照的に、ゆったりとした時間の流れが心地良い








Text: Marie Kawasuji
in the city centre, this is a place where time seems to slow down and life winds down to a soothing pace.

It is on this street that the workshop ‘Kusaka Koushi’ has been established for 3 years. Despite renovating the rundown venue it inherited, the shop has retained the traditional, rustic allure of the neighbourhood, blending right in and giving the feel that it’s been here forever.

Kusaka Koushi’s leather goods are meticulously, exquisitely manufactured, starting from the process of hand-picking the leather material which is then sewn together by hand, right up to the after care of its products.

By using fine-quality leather such as Buttero leather (hand-crafted leather) or Minerva Box leather, products are designed such that the longer you use them, the more they adapt to the owner’s body, ensuring that the items remain truly personal ones which require the owner’s care and attention. As the owner Kusaka has always wanted to create products that would be long-lasting for the consumer, this customer-orientedness is always present in the attention to detail found in all the products. Even without personally picking the product up, the conscientious workmanship used and the good quality of the product is apparent at a glance, imbuing it with a uniqueness that comes only from work that is fully handmade.

Recently, their products have also been endorsed by the Sapporo Style Shop for authentically representing the Sapporo design aesthetic, further helping their recognition as a label. These range from the handbags ‘Star’ and ‘Chaud Les Marrons’, which draw on the images of stars and Japanese chestnuts for their designs, to the classic ‘Music Case’ (photo), which has been a Kusaka creation since the brand was first established.

Orders can be partly customised to your tastes, such as the type and colour of leather used, as well as the colour of the stitching, with the final product being delivered within a few months to a year. Products in stock at the shop, made ready for sale, can also be purchased via mail-order.

Made to withstand the pressures of time, Kusaka Koushi’s leather goods will almost be like trusty companions you can have by your side as you tackle the dynamic, exciting changes that life brings. If you’re looking for a leather bag that can last for a lifetime, especially through life’s most important moments, head on down to Kusaka Koushi. You’ll be sure to find something.

Kusaka Koushi
Address: 7-3, South 3 West 8, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed on Wednesday and Thursday
TEel: 011-210-7388

Text: Marie Kawasuji
Translation: Bonnie Oeni

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