ローズ・ベーカリーRose Bakery

Honza Hronek © Rose Bakery

Honza Hronek © Rose Bakery

Just woke up in the morning and getting ready for the day. Wouldn’t it be great if it starts with a cup of coffee and a nice breakfast? Do you want to have a special breakfast instead of the usual one朝目覚め、一日の支度をする。その始まりを一杯のコーヒーとおいしい朝食で迎えられたら、どんなに晴れやかだろう。いつもはウチで手軽なものばかりを取るのだが、たまには身体のことを考えて、少し贅沢なものを選んでみたい…。今回紹介する「ローズ・ベーカリー」は、そんな期待に優しく応えてくれるお店のひとつ。




9区のお店をオープン以降、2011年現在パリには3店舗、他にロンドン、ソウル、東京に店を構える。3区の店(30, Rue Debelleyme)は9区の店の空気感を意識し、12区の店(10, Bd de la Bastille)は現代美術館内にあることもあり、インテリアが定期的に変わるユニークな作りとなっている。訪れる店ごとの違いを楽しむのも良いだろう。

Rose Bakery (Paris)
住所:46, Rue de Martyrs, 75009 Paris
TEL:+33 (0)1 4282 1280

Text: Shotaro Okada
for your health? We have the best store to grant your wish – Rose Bakery. 

Upon stepping foot into this store, you will encounter the fresh smell of vegetables and fruits in the air. All the vegetables, eggs, and teas, lying on the counter will help you enjoy your time. Just this smell will make you realize how glad you are to have come.

In 2002, Ms. Rose, a British woman, launched Rose Bakery, which acts as both a café and serves lunch.
Choosing ingredients is the most crucial aspect of the store, and customers can create their own menu by choosing various ingredients. Since we are used to ordering “pre-made” dishes, it makes us rethink what is the most important thing about eating. 

Most of the ingredients are organic. First, I ordered coffee and a cake, and the ingredients give me a sense of warmth. Nothing unnecessary – only what my body needs to be satisfied. After the opening of the sector 9 store, Rose Bakery has not only three stores in Paris, but also London, Seoul, and Tokyo. 
The sector 3 store (30, Rue Debelleyme) catches the atmosphere of sector 9’s store, and the sector 12 store (10, Bd de la Bastille) is located in a modern art museum, so the interior decorations change regularly.  Looking at differences between each store is also good fun.

Rose Bakery (Paris)
Address: 46, Rue de Martyrs, 75009 Paris
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00
Tel: +33 (0)1 4282 1280

Text: Shotaro Okada
Translation: Mai Ueda


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