ヨシアキ・イノウエ・ギャラリーYoshiaki Inoue Gallery

© Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery

© Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery

The Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery is settled right in the heart of Ôsaka, in the very animated area of Shinsaibashi, and is easily accessible from the subway station. The gallery has vast exhibition spaces, displaying works of art on two floors, over a stylish French restaurant活気に満ちた大阪の中心市街地、心斎橋にあるヨシアキ・イノウエ・ギャラリー。地下鉄心斎橋駅からのアクセスも近く、1階にはスタイリッシュなフレンチレストラン、その上に2フロアにわたって作品展示スペースを備えている


また、ギャラリーではアメリカの画家、ロバート・クシュナーや、台湾の写真家、沈 昭良、韓国の彫刻家、李 允馥といった、西洋やアジア諸国の作家も紹介するほか、定期的に台北や香港、ソウル、シンガポールなどアジア各地で開催される国際アートフェアに参加したり、北川宏人の等身大の彫刻作品のエキシビションをアジアの美術館とのコラボレーションするなどしている。



紹介されている様々な作品からは、レベルの高さ以外に共通点が見当たらないかもしれない。しかし、それぞれがそれぞれの方法に基づいて、世界への疑問を投げかけている。『この時代の目撃者として、美術史に刻まれる作品。今日の世界を伝えるため、“現代を象徴する” 作品にフォーカスしている』と井上氏。彼にとって、表現や想像性は非常に重要なポイント。この二つの要素を持ち合わせるアーティストを彼はこれからも探し続ける。

Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery
住所:大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1-3-10 心斎橋井上ビル2&3階

Text: Valérie Douniaux
Translation: Ayuko Inaba

The gallery bears the name of its founder and owner, M. Yoshiaki Inoue, the son of a Japanese traditional painting dealer. Back to Japan after studies in the US, M. Inoue decided to establish a gallery devoted to contemporary art, therefore linking his family’s business with the culture of our time. The Yoshiaki Inoue gallery opened its doors in 1989, first focusing on American prints.

Following with much interest the development of Japanese contemporary art market and the rise of a new generation of talented artists, M. Inoue started presenting Japanese creators as well after the year 2000. The gallery now counts in its catalog such important names as those of Toshio Shibata, Yayoi Kusama or Katsura Funakoshi.

The Yoshiaki Inoue gallery also promotes art from other Western or Asian countries (like the US, with the painter Robert Kushner, Taiwan, with the photographer Shen Chao Ling or Korea, with the sculptor Lee Yun Bok). The gallery regularly participates in important international art fairs, particularly in Asia, in Taipei, Hong-Kong, Seoul, Singapore… M. Inoue collaborates with Asian museums as well, as for the upcoming Hiroto Kitagawa exhibition, showing some of the sculptor’s most recent stunning life-size characters.

The Inoue gallery explores without discrimination the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, video or photography, sometimes even united in the course of one exhibition. That was for instance the case in 2012, with the show of Izuru Mizutani, a multidisciplinary Japanese artist using the various possibilities offered by traditional painting, installations, photography or video.

The selection of artists is quite wide but of constant quality, M. Inoue being very attentive to the skills of the artists, all brilliant technicians. But the Inoue gallery also puts its efforts in supporting an art that goes beyond mere technical achievement, and that expresses rich concepts resulting from the artist’s inner search. The works invite the viewer to meditate on the themes developed by the artists and to break the usual boundaries.

So, even if there doesn’t seem at first to be any other common point than their high technical level in the works shown by the Inoue Gallery, in fact all of them seem to question the world, each in its own way. As M. Inoue explains, he focuses on works that “reflect the present time”, on an art that conveys an idea of what contemporary art is in today’s world. These works inscribe themselves in the flow of art history as witnesses and as reflections of our time. “Expression” and “creativity” are very important points to Yoshiaki Inoue, and he is endlessly looking for artists who successfully merge these two characteristics.

Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery
Address: 2, 3F Shinsaibashi Inoue Bld., 1-3-10 Shinsaibashi-Suji Chuo-Ku, Osaka
Opening Hours : 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Holiday)
Tel: 06-6245-5347

Text: Valérie Douniaux

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