ウィロー・ロード 2番地2 Willow Road

Winding staircase in 2 Willow Road, London © National Trust Images / Dennis Gilbert

Winding staircase in 2 Willow Road, London © National Trust Images / Dennis Gilbert

Between the 1940s and 1970s a style of architecture known as Brutalism gained popularity in the UK, and one of the foremost architects of this style was Ernö Goldfinger (1902-1987). Born in Hungary Ernö moved to the UK1940年代から1970年代の間、ブルータリズムとして知られている建築様式は英国で人気を博しており、この様式の一流建築家の一人にエルノー・ゴールドフィンガー(1902〜1987年)という人物がいる。ハンガリーで生まれたエルノーは 1930年代にイギリスに移住し、アレクサンダー・フレミングハウス(現在のメトロ・セントラル・ハイツとして知られている)、バルフロンタワー、カラデールハウス、トレリックタワーなどロンドン周辺の数多くの建築物を設計した人物として知られている。エルノーはロンドンに移住した後、自分自身の設計に基づいて、家族の家を建てることができる場所を探し、最終的にロンドン北部のハムステッドの土地を選んだ。 1939年の完成後、家族は1987年にエルノーが亡くなるまでそこに住んでいた。室内にあるたくさんの家具もこの偉大な建築家自身によってデザインされ、この家のユニークさをさらに際立たせている。




2 Willow Road
住所:2 Willow Road, Hampstead, London NW3 1TH
入場料:大人 6ポンド、子供 3ポンド
TEL:+44 (0)20 7435 6166

Text: Michael Sullivan
Translation: Junji Uchida
in the 1930s and is known for a number of buildings around London including Alexander Fleming House (now known as Metro Central Heights), Balfron Tower, Carradale House and Trellick Tower. After Ernö moved to London he looked for a place where he could build his own family home based on his own design and he eventually chose a spot in Hampstead. In 1939 it was completed and the family lived there until Ernö’s death in 1987. Inside many pieces of furniture were designed by this great architect himself which helps add to the uniqueness of this home.

The home itself was designed as one building but separated into a main family home and two houses, one either side, to be rented out. It was constructed using concrete but faced in red brick in order to fit in with the local area. Today the two houses are still private homes but the centre family home is managed by the National Trust and is open to the public. From the outside it is clear that the house is quite spacious and well lit by natural light due to the large windows on the front and back of the house. Visitors are allowed in by timed entrance, but before actually going inside there is an opportunity to watch a 15 minute video about the life of Ernö Goldfinger, the history of the house and hear his family members recounting memories of living in this singular home.

After going through the front door an interesting spiral staircase can be seen which leads up to the second floor where a spacious living room, work area, dining room and surprisingly small kitchen are located. The spiral staircase also leads up to the third floor where the bedrooms can be found. As the family lived here until the National Trust purchased it all of the furnishings and items have been preserved exactly as they were before, including canned goods in the kitchen.

The house is conveniently located near Hampstead station and next to the Hampstead Heath, a beautiful large park with views over London, on any day out to this lovely area it makes perfect sense to take an hour and visit this marvellous house. Please note that the house is closed during the winter.

2 Willow Road
Address: 2 Willow Road, Hampstead, London NW3 1TH
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 17:00 (open from March to October only)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Entrance Fee: Adult £6, Children £3
Tel: +44 (0)20 7435 6166

Text: Michael Sullivan


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