中島寛子Hiroko Nakajima

© Hiroko Nakajima

© Hiroko Nakajima

Hiroko Nakajima completed a BA and a MA at the prestigious Central Saint Martins University in central London, she states her interests as defamiliarization and surrealism in fashion. Her collections over the last three years are clear expressions of a unique mindロンドンでセントラル・セント・マーチンズのBAとMAを卒業した中島寛子の興味はファッションにおける異化(慣れ親しんだ日常的な事物を奇異で非日常的なものとして表現するための手法)とシュルレアリスム(超現実主義)である。過去3年間のコレクションは彼女のユニークな思考を明確に表現しており、例えば2012年に修士卒業コレクションでは、古代エジプトの石棺であるマリソル・エスコバルの彫刻にインスピレーションを受けたコレクションを制作した。ファッションデザイン業界で古代エジプトの石棺という言葉を聞くことはあまりないだろう。幸運なことに、今回彼女にインタビューをすることができ、自身とロンドンについてのお話を伺った。













Text: Michael Sullivan
, for example her MA graduate collection in 2012 was inspired by the sculptures of Marisol Escobar as well as ancient Egyptian sarcophagi. It is not often that in the field of fashion design that you will hear the words ‘ancient Egyptian sarcophagi! We were lucky enough to interview her and talk about herself and London

Please introduce yourself and your work.

My name is Hiroko Nakajima. I’m a Japanese born London based fashion knitwear designer/artist. I graduated from Central Saint Martins MA fashion course in 2012 and started my own label .

What projects have you been working on recently?

I had just been working for an artist Julie Verhoeven making some objects for her upcoming exhibition in Holland. It was too exciting!

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I get my creative energy from various art works and theatrical performances as I love going to galleries and museums and I think there is something magical for things happening on stage.

What are your future plans?

To work broadly within art and design and so to make all the boarders blur. I’m planning to do a few art exhibitions this year.

Could you tell us about London? What do you like about it?

I like that cheap does not necessarily mean bad here and expensive does not prove its quality.

Please tell us about your favourite places in London (to eat, shop, going out, etc).

I live and work in east London, so most of my activities are in the area of Dalston and Shoreditch. I love going to the markets early in the morning too.

Text: Michael Sullivan

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