フォトグラファーズ・ギャラリーThe Photographers’ Gallery

The Photographers’ Gallery, Bookshop, 2012 © Dennis Gilbert. Courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery

The Photographers’ Gallery, Bookshop, 2012 © Dennis Gilbert. Courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery

For those people who need a break from shopping at the numerous department stores around Oxford Circus station in central London there is a gallery that recently opened that offers peace and quietロンドンの中心部オックスフォードサーカス駅の周辺の数多くのデパートで買い物をしたあと、休憩が必要な人のために、とても穏やかで静かな環境のなか、魅力的な写真アートを見せてくれるギャラリーがある。小さな横道に建つこの建物は、以前倉庫として使われていたが、フォトグラファーズ・ギャラリー開廊のために今の形に改修された。2012年5月このギャラリーの新しいビルがリニューアルされ、ロンドンの中心で写真を展示する重要な場所として注目を浴びている。新しい建物はとても近代的で魅力的な造りで、1階にあるカフェは訪れる人々をおおいに歓迎してくれているようだ。3階分のギャラリースペースは少しの入場料を支払えば出入り自由となる。





The Photographers’ Gallery
住所:16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW
開廊時間:10:00〜18:00(木曜日20:00まで, 日曜日11:30から)
TEL:+44 (0)20 7087 9300

Text: Michael Sullivan
Translation: Mio Ota
, as well as the chance to see fantastic art using the medium of photography. Located in a small side street this building was a former warehouse before being transformed into its current form in order to host the Photographer’s Gallery. In May 2012 the gallery’s new building reopened and since then it has continued with its work to be a vital focus for the medium of photography in the heart of London. The new building is impressive to look at with a very modern feel, the café on the ground floor makes visitors feel very welcome to enter, with the added bonus that there is free entry to view the three floors of gallery space.

As exhibitions are regularly organised for this venue visitors can get a taste of photographic art by established artists as well as new talents, for example every year graduates are invited to submit their work in order to be showcased. In order to promote the work of its artists the gallery also co-publishes books of photography with Book Works which can be bought in the bookshop that is onsite. For example an exhibition by Fiona Tan called Vox Populi, London that has been taking place during September 2012 has had a book especially published for it. On the third floor a special camera obscura has been installed; this is created by making a small hole or aperture in a darkened room which produces an inverted image of the scene outside onto a white surface. camera obscura can be found throughout the world and they show that light travels in straight lines, while also being entertaining for viewing the outside.

Besides the exhibitions there are also events such as ‘My Favourite Photo,’ a talk that takes place every Friday which allows participants to talk about photographs that mean something to them, and also family workshops to get adults and children to consider this medium of art and try to create their own art. This is complimented with workshops that are designed especially for schoolchildren and courses about various aspects of photography that are open to all. There is also a study room on the third floor which is available by appointment. Alongside the entrance there is a café where sometimes talks and events are held, but which is also a perfect spot for discussing the gallery after seeing it, and there is a bookshop which holds many books on photography, magazines and you can even buy your own camera equipment if you have been inspired enough to try making your own art.

Anyone can become a member of the gallery, and enjoy a number of benefits including unlimited entry to paid exhibitions, or even a patron with exclusive VIP invitations to special events. Donations are also accepted by buying a virtual ‘brick,’ although it is also possible to buy your very own step for which you will be honoured with your very own plaque with your name on it which will commemorate your support for the Photographer’s Gallery.

The Photographers’ Gallery
Address: 16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW
Open: 10:00-18:00 (Thursday till 20:00, Sunday from 11:30)
Free admission
Tel: +44 (0)20 7087 9300

Text: Michael Sullivan

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