ビネガーカフェ・スーVinegar Cafe SU

© Himematsu Architecture

© Himematsu Architecture

A combined vinegar factory and cafe housed in a renovated 130-year-old private home. From outside it looks like simply a typical old house, but inside the kind of interior typical of renovated old homes is absent築130年の古民家を改築してカフェと酢製造所にした「酢造発酵場&ビネガーカフェ・スー」。外観は普通の古民家だが、古民家改築にありがちな古民家風のインテリアではない。建物はファクトリーとカフェに分かれており、ファクトリーを通過し製造過程を見せ、カフェへと入っていく設計になっている。




. Instead the building is divided into factory and cafe; designed so that customers can observe the manufacturing process on their way into the cafe.

The contrast between the white factory and the blue cafe colour schemes is notable, but even more striking is that everything in the cafe, from floor to ceiling and including utensils and walls, is decoratively ‘sliced’ to the same width. This has the effect of making the entire space appear to be ‘sliced’.

On offer inside the cafe are both desserts and drinks made using vinegar produced in the factory, as well as strawberry vinegar ice cream, vinegar compote jelly parfait and a lunch menu.

Though photographs may give the impression of a very man-made space, in reality it is possible to spend a relaxing time here gazing out at the garden.

The architectural design, by Shinichiro Hinematsu of Hinematsu Architecture, has been featured in many architectural magazines and also been awarded a prize. It may be a little far from Fukuoka City, but we reckon it’s well worth stretching your legs to go and see.

Vinegar Cafe SU
Address: 59-1 Sakurai, Yoshii-machi, Ukiha, Fukuoka
Opening Hours: 12:00-17:00
Tel: 0943-75-5664

Translation: Darren Gore
醋发酵地盘&醋咖啡馆 SU

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