4FB © <a href= target=new>CASE-REAL</a>, 2007

4FB © CASE-REAL, 2007

CASE-REAL is a product and architectural design company lead by Koichi Futatsumata who is originally from Kagoshima and currently based in Fukuoka and Tokyo. The various space design they worked in his home ground in Fukuoka鹿児島出身で、福岡と東京を拠点に、アートとデザインの狭間でプロダクトや建築設計デザインを行う、二俣公一氏率いる「CASE-REAL(ケース・リアル)」。「マイノリティレッブ平尾店」や、「ディレクターズ」、「鈴懸(すずかけ)」をはじめ、ホームグラウンドである福岡で手掛けた様々な空間デザインは都市の文化を形成し、その全てがその地域のランドマークとして機能する。



4FBは、「E&Y FUKUOKA」にて購入可能。全国のE&Y取扱店でも取扱いがある。

includes MINORITYREV Hirao, Directors, Suzukake, and they form to create an urban culture and function as a landmark of the region.

One of their prominent product design is Concents introduced in 1998. Concents is a cubic outlet that you can plug in 12 different cords in total (3 each on 4 sides). It has gained a high reputation on its beautiful form and functionality at the time it was released. Unfortunately the product is not produced anymore. The Concents is one of the most desired products to be reproduced.

4FB (photo) is a simply designed coat hunger and is one of the product released in 2007 from E&Y. It’s a knockdown type constructed with aluminum flat bars and a steel pipe. It’s light weighted, yet strong. You can choose a favorite color from black, silver or brown. 39,990 Yen each.

4FB can be purchased at E&Y FUKUOKA and other E&Y distributers nationwide. Some of their products will be released in 2010.

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