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Saus & Braus – the fine store for design – represents a stage for 70, mostly swiss labels. It is located at Ankerstrasse 14 in Zurich 4ザウス&ブラウスは、優れたデザインショップで、70ものスイスの大半のレーベルに活動の場所を提供している。チューリッヒ4丁目のアンカーストラッセ14番地に位置し、2006年9月に10周年記念を祝ったばかりである。取り扱う商品は、衣服、ジュエリー、バッグや雑貨などである。店内の選りすぐり商品は、ザウス&ブラウスの創始者でオーナーであるババ・ルエグのセレクトである。

住所:Ankerstrasse 14, 8004 Zurich
時間:12:00〜19:00/土曜 10:00〜16:00(日曜定休)
TEL:+41 44 242 23 11

Translation: Kei Shimizu
and has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2006. The palette of products includes fashion, jewellery, bags and apartment accessories. Responsible for the exquisite assortment you can find in the store is Baba Ruegg, founder and owner of Saus & Braus.

The colourful and innovative products should bring pleasure and fun into your daily life: be it in the morning when you browse your wardrobe, be it at noon when you spice up your spaghetti with pepper or be it in the evening with a handy bathing bag at the lake of Zurich.

All products display high quality, affectionate workmanship, exclusivity and charm. favourite things that will accompany you in life!

Represented lables from Switzerland: Tarzan, Freitag, Beige, Matrix, The Swiss Label, Laboratoire, Coll. Part, Stefi Talman, Urbanspeed, Werkmal, Elfe, Cascade, Bleifrei, Collenberg/ponicanova, Essor, Laundryclub, Jeisy, Fam.guggenbuhl, Mundfunk, Alma, Germaine., Spa, Polar, Rieder, Prognose, Aragorn, Brandnew Design,,, Erfolg, Fontana, Djva, Ubo, Lilli Tulipan, Caddyac, Lichterloh, Marthuba, Stockwerk 3, Oro Verde, B:witch’d, Metall, Beat Schilling, Geissberger, Gspann, Pekarek, Unikate, Andi Gut, Zone, Werbewerkstatt

Saus & Braus
Address: Ankerstrasse 14, 8004 Zurich
Open: 12:00-19:00 / Saturday 10:00-16:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +41 44 242 23 11
地址:Ankerstrasse 14, 8004 Zurich
电话:+41 44 242 23 11

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