photo: Nem Kienzle

photo: Nem Kienzle

Bright sunlight falls through the floor-to-ceiling windows at Zurich’s trendiest hair salon, Kandis. A stone vase with orchids sits by the windowチューリッヒで最もクールなヘアサロン、キャンディスには、その床から天井まである窓を通して、明るい日差しが降り注ぐ。石の花瓶には蘭が生けてあり、窓辺に飾られている。白い壁に囲まれ、その最小限のインテリアはカスタムメイドのミラースタンドとビンテージの家具、椅子やランプや皮のソファなどからなる。巨大な光の玉のようなライトが天井から細い紐で吊るされている。そのライトは、アメリカの古いホテルからスイスに運ばれたものだ。その他すべてのビンテージ家具が、近くのショップ、エラスティークから購入している。ウェブサイトやポストカード(店頭で無料でもらえる)には、目を引くイラストが描かれており、これはオーナーのラン・トラン自ら描いたものである。



住所:Birmensdorferstrasse 32, 8004 Zurich
時間:月 10:00〜19:00/火〜金 9:00〜21:00/土 9:00〜15:00(日曜定休)
TEL:+41 43 322 00 88

Text and photo: Nem Kienzle
Translation: Kei Shimizu
. The minimal interior, framed by white walls, is decorated with custom-made mirror stands and vintage furniture – chairs, lamps and leather sofas. A ceiling light looking like an enormous light ball spiked with thin strings is one of four lights that were brought to Switzerland from America where they were found in an old hotel. All the vintage furniture comes from the nearby store Elastique. Kandis’ distinctive logo and website is designed by the owner’s sister, local graphic designer Hin-Van Tran. The eye-catching illustrations on the website and post card (free at the store) are done by the owner Lanh Tran himself.

In comparison with the fashion in other major cities, Zurich’s fashion is modest but highly individualistic – with an eye for high quality, selected vintage styles, mixed into something modern and urban . Hairstyling at Kandis well reflects this fact, too. Unlike busy salons that impose a trendy haircut on anyone, the high attention to service recalls the “good old times”. This and the relaxing atmosphere together bring both male and female customers from a creative background throughout the week. The hair stylists take extra time to talk with you and make sure that your wish is fulfilled. During a haircut, a choice of drink – such as tea from a wide selection of menu in a Japanese cast iron teapot – is served together with refined little sweets.

Besides earning the calming yet refreshing sensation, you will leave the salon with a hairstyle that maximizes your natural beauty and makes you smile in front of the mirror everyday. While in the city, drop by Kandis and make the most out of your look.

Address: Birmensdorferstrasse 32, 8004 Zurich
Open: Mon 10:00-19:00 / Tue-Fri 9:00-21:00 / Sat 9:00-15:00
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +41 43 322 00 88

Text and photo: Nem Kienzle
地址:Birmensdorferstrasse 32, 8004 Zurich
时间:星期一10:00-19:00/星期二至星期五9:00-21:00/星期六 9:00-15:00
电话:+41 43 322 00 88

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