メゾン・ブラントMaison Blunt

Photo: Nem Kienzle

Photo: Nem Kienzle

メゾン・ブラントは、モロッコをこよなく愛するカップル、ブルーノ・ヒルデブラントとアレクサンドラ・ムースバウアーがオーナーのレストラン。1997年、当時チューリッヒの商業地域だった場所にあったガレージをMaison Blunt is owned by the Morocco-loving Swiss couple Bruno Hildebrandt and Alexandra Moosbauer. In 1997, Mr. Hildebrandt started a small joint called James Blunt改装し、ジェームス・ブラントという名の小さなレストランを始めた。それから2002年には、その小さなスペースは、ティールーム・ブラントというレストランに規模を拡大。現在では、さらに改築も行い、隣接のティールームやテラスとストリート席を含めて、全部で140席の店舗となっている。そして規模の拡大を機に、名前をメゾン・ブラントと変更した。






Maison Blunt
住所:Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich
時間:ティールーム 8:00〜24:00/金・土 8:00〜1:00
   レストラン 月・金 11:30〜14:00・18:00〜23:00/土・日 10:00〜23:00
TEL:+41 43 211 00 33

Text and Photo: Nem Kienzle
Translation: Kei Shimizu
in a garage located in the-at that time-industrial area of Zurich.

The small space then grew into a restaurant called Tea Room Blunt in 2002. Now, with the recent renovation and addition of an adjacent tea room, it offers 140 seats including the terrace and street seating. To mark the change in size and the choice of two rooms, it has been renamed as Maison Blunt.

The eclectic interior creates a unique yet cozy atmosphere. The minimalistic architecture by Swiss architect Tobias Eugster is livened up by Moroccan artifacts, vintage wood furniture from flea market, and the original metal garage door and windows. From their frequent trips to Morocco the couple imported things like colorful floor tiles, woven seat covers, and a monochrome portrait of Moroccan kings in a large frame. The restaurant’s brown wall was made by a Moroccan plasterer.

The menu is worth reading until the end, as there are just too many choices you wouldn’t want to miss. The most popular dishes are Mezze and Couscous, both cooked authentically by a Moroccan chef. “Mezze” is a selection of appetizers, and a small Mezze platter (CHF 16) with Hummus, Tabbouleh and Zaalouk is a perfect starter in Summer. Couscous, which is steamed grain made from semolina, comes with vegetables and some meat. If you feel like salad but with some volume, then try Halloumi Salad (CHF 19.50) which is a deep-fried Cypriot goat cheese served with Zaalouk (eggplant salad). My favorite is the hearty, slightly spicy Harita Ramadan Soup (CHF 10.50) with fresh tomatoes, chickpeas and vegetables, served with dates and lemon. It’s available throughout the year.

From the lunch menu, you can try both Swiss and Arabic food such as baked vegetable au gratin topped with melting cheese (CHF 18), porcini mushroom and peach in perilla dough (19.50 CHF), and rabbit stew with saffron sauce over Arabic rice (CHF 22.50). Lunch plates come with a choice of soup or salad.

Having a brunch with friends and family is also popular at Maison Blunt, especially on the weekend. Blunt House Breakfast (CHF 20) includes a mix of everything: croissants, a typical Sunday breakfast bread in Switzerland called Zopf, home-made bread and jam, honey, butter, hummus, feta cheese cream, olives, Moroccan salad, yogurt with fresh fruits, dry fruits, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Whether you catch up with your friends on weekend morning or spend a romantic evening with your partner, go to Maison Blunt. There is a plenty of seating to choose from for any occasion.

Maison Blunt
Address: Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich
Open: Tea Room 8:00-24:00 / Fri&Sat 8:00-1:00
   Restaurant Mon-Fri 11:30-14:00,18:00-23:00 / Sat&Sun 10:00-23:00
Tel: +41 43 211 00 33

Text and Photo: Nem Kienzle
Maison Blunt
地址:Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich
时间:(茶室)8:00-24:00/星期五・星期六 8:00-1:00
   (餐厅) 星期一・星期五 11:30-14:00・18:00-23:00/星期六・星期日 10:00-23:00
电话:+41 43 211 00 33


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