Ishi is a new Sushi bar and restaurant in Zurich, run by Jesus Costoya who previously owned Blue Note, also a Sushi bar. The name “Ishi” means “stone” in Japaneseイシは、チューリッヒの新しい寿司屋で、ジーザス・コストヤが経営している。彼は以前、ブルーノートという寿司屋を営んでいた人物だ。「イシ」という名前は、日本語の「石」を意味し、レストランの壁にあるサインからきている。しかしここには、日本様式の絵や畳などのようなありきたりのものは存在しない。




住所:Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zurich
時間:月〜水 8:00〜24:00/木・金 8:00〜1:00/土 9:00〜1:00(日曜定休)
TEL:+41 43 243 30 00

Text: Nem Kienzle
Translation: Kei Shimizu
and comes from the signature stonewall in the restaurant. But here, you won’t see any of those cliché decorations such as Japanese-style painting or Tatami floor.

Instead, the restaurant’s interior is minimal and elegant – thus attracts a mixed crowd of cosmopolitans, businessmen and trendy folks. All the furniture has been custom-made and shipped from Bali. The use of natural materials such as dark wood tables, cream-colored leather chairs, and sand-colored stonewall creates a laid-back atmosphere night and day.

As a landlocked country, Switzerland has no history of eating sea fish, not to mention raw fish. It is only recently that Sushi got accepted to the general public in Zurich. Under such circumstances Ishi is easily accessible for the novice who never had Sushi before – there are menu items without fish or are untraditional extensions of the Japanese cuisine. Yet also for the advanced Sushi connoisseur, there are plenty of new dishes to discover.

When the ingredients come as far as from New Zealand and the Philippines, it is a true luxury to be able to eat raw fish in a city surrounded by mountains. Try lunch menu such as Sushi roll plate (18 CHF) or Sushi roll, Nigiri and Sashimi combination platter (27 CHF), all of which include Miso soup and salad.

There are non-traditional and creative dishes such as halibut with avocado chili sauce with fresh spinach and sesame rice (21.50 CHF) or a filet of tuna marinated with honey sauce on romaine lettuce, served with potatoes (21.50 CHF). Lunch hours are from 11.30 to 14.00.

In Ishi, Sushi is made-to-order, because the quality of fish is highly valued. So prepare for some waiting time during busy hours. For dinner, enjoy the music and sip Sake such as “Hana-Awase” or “Sato No Homare” while waiting for your Sushi platter.

Address: Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zurich
Open: Mon-Wed 8:00-24:00 / Thu-Fri 8:00-01:00 / Sat 9:00-1:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +41 43 243 30 00

Text: Nem Kienzle
地址:Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zurich
时间:星期一至星期三 8:00-24:00/星期四・星期五8:00-1:00/星期六 9:00-1:00
电话:+41 43 243 30 00

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