Greg Lynn / Fabian Marcaccio, Photo: Margherita Spiluttini

Greg Lynn / Fabian Marcaccio, Photo: Margherita Spiluttini

ウィーンのセセッションは、百年の歴史の中で、何度も刷新され、時代に適応してきた。エントランスホールは1901年に変更し、1908年には、装飾部分や、「いつでもアート!アートは自由だ!」のスローガンが外されたThe Vienna Secession was adapted and renovated several times in the course of its hundred year history. The entrance hall was already being altered in 1901

住所:Friedrichstrasse 12, 1010 Wien
時間:火〜日 10:00〜18:00/木 10:00〜20:00
TEL: +43 1 587 53 07

Translation: Kazunari Hongo
. In 1908, part of the ornamentation and the slogan “Der Zeit ihre Kunst. Der Kunst ihre Freiheit” (“For every time its art. For art its Freedom”) were removed The building was damaged by bombs during World War II and set on fire by the retreating German army.

Alongside the restitution of the central entrance hall and main exhibitions spaces to their original proportions, the ancilliary rooms for exhibition organisation and administration were reorganised and developed further.

A total of about 20 exhibitions take place in the Vienna Secession (in the Main Hall, Gallery, Graphic Cabinet and Ver Sacrum Room) each year.
The total exhibition area is approx. 1000 m2 All of the exhibitions are accompanied by a publication and often by parallel events, lectures, symposia, art discussions, etc.

Address: Friedrichstrasse 12, 1010 Wien
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 / Thu 10:00-20:00
Tel: +43 1 587 53 07
地址:Friedrichstrasse 12, 1010 Wien
电话: +43 1 587 53 07

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