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© Puppet Theatre PUK

© Puppet Theatre PUK

Puppet Theatre PUK” known for artistic puppet performances done for audiences of all ages was initially established as “Puppet Club” in 1929. Aside from Japanese traditional puppet performance such as Bunraku (the oldest group for Japanese puppet show). 子どもから大人まで楽しめる芸術性の高い人形劇の公演を行う「人形劇団プーク」は、1929年に「人形クラブ」として設立され、文楽などの伝統人形劇を除けば、日本最古の人形劇団となる。

1971年から、東京新宿駅の近くに可愛らしくノスタルジックな外観の専用劇場「プーク人形劇場」を構えており、毎週土・日曜日と祭日、春、夏、クリスマス、 正月の休日に常時、人形劇の公演が開催されている。




Text: Ayumi Yakura
It has performed every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday in the little nostalgic theater “Puppet Theatre PUK” near Shinjuku station, Tokyo since 1971.

The theater invites many different traditional puppet groups in Japan and contributes to the inheritance and development of the tradition and also cultural exchanges with international puppet artists. Since 1958, it has been a member of Union Internationale De La Marionnette (UNIMA) and has participated in many international festivals and conferences. Recently, it actively performs for films and tv shows too.

In the 1920s when it was just established, there were various peace movements with the end of the World War I. Its name “PUK” is after a constructed international auxiliary language “Esperanto” by L. L. Zamenhof who believed “a linguistic difference interrupts communication and that brings wars.” Puppet Theatre PUK continues to be creative for happiness for everyone and world peace.

Puppet Theatre PUK
Address: 2-12-3, Yoyogi, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3379-0234

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Hanae Kawai

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