東京ドームTokyo Dome

New York might be the iconic Big Apple, but Tokyo has the iconic Big Egg to represent its size and posterity as a nation, in the form of the Tokyo Dome. This 55,000-seater stadium, the largest roofed baseball stadium in the worldニューヨークは“ビッグアップル”、東京ドームはその大きさ、認知度から“ビックエッグ”の愛称で親しまれている「東京ドーム」は、55,000人を収容できる世界最大の屋根付きスタジアム。プロ野球・読売ジャイアンツのホームグラウンドとして使用されている。加えて、バスケットボール、アメリカンフットボール、プロレス、空手なども開催。ドーム型をした独特な屋根は、スタジアム内からの絶妙な空気調整で膜を張っており、有名なロックバンド・ゴリラズの「The Sounder」でも歌われている。





Text: Bonnie Oeni
Translation: Kazunari Hongo
, is the home field of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team and also plays host to basketball, American football, pro-wrestling, martial arts events and even monster truck races! Unique unto itself, this distinctive venue, which dome-shaped roof is a flexible membrane held up by nothing but air slightly pressurised inside of the stadium, has earned mention in well-known alternative rock band Gorillaz’s song ‘The Sounder’.

Aside from being the venue where hordes of fans have witnessed some of Japanese sport’s crowning achievements, immortalised by the Baseball Hall of Fame located there, Tokyo Dome also functions as the largest concert hall in Japan, and has welcomed top-rated acts in record-breaking performances from the domestic market as well as from all over the world.

Wildly popular Japanese boyband KAT-TUN broke a record in May 2009 as the first live act to hold concerts at the Dome for eight consecutive days, with tickets selling out almost immediately. The well-celebrated household name, Arashi, also a Japanese boyband adored by swooning female fans in Japan and the world over, marked the 10th anniversary of their debut at the Dome. With acts such as Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Simon and Garfunkel having performed at the Dome, performers at the Dome inherit a legacy of prestige that makes it so attractive and appealing as a performance venue. Fans will continue to be blown away by stellar performances at the Dome with controversial, cutting-edge superstars coming down such as Lady Gaga, who will take the stage in April 2010. Just standing in front of the Dome, visitors can soak in the Dome’s aura of rich history.

As the Dome only serves as the focal point of a self-contained entertainment, sports and shopping complex sprawling around it, known as Tokyo Dome City, the casual visitor not catching a game or a concert will still experience plenty of chances to be entertained. With an array of facilities that includes a bowling alley and a horse racing complex, visitors looking for a nice day out with friends or family can choose to indulge in those activities. After a long, tiring day of shopping, visitors can also opt to relax at the luxuriously decadent spa, LaQua, to recover.

For a truly unforgettable, irreplaceable experience however, thrill-seekers should consider hopping gamely on the ‘Thunder Dolphin’ rollercoaster at night to discover Tokyo and all its sparkling wonders in the dark. Keeping your eyes open, watch the vibrant city that never sleeps with its twinkling lights speedily unravelling before your very eyes as the coaster races down the tracks to give you a fresh, 360-degree perspective on Tokyo, in every manner you thought impossible – sideways, topsy-turvy, flying away and upwards towards the sky, or with the city eagerly rushing up to meet you.

For those who prefer a leisurely night out, taking the ferris wheel provides good views of the city as well, although the elevator ride up to the 43rd floor of the Tokyo Dome Hotel offers a slow, ascending view of the city area that is also quite spectacular. With full glass windows, the view starts off deceptively simple, before slowly revealing the sprawling layers of the city as you head higher and higher. As the perfect ending to an evening, end off with a sumptuous dinner at one of the many restaurants that complement fine dining with a beautiful panoramic view of Tokyo underneath a starlit sky.

Tokyo Dome
Address: 1-3-61 Korakuen, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5800-9999

Text: Bonnie Oeni

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