マザークルックmother kurkku

Photo: Ishikawa Moto

Photo: Ishikawa Moto

kurkku(クルック)は、消費を通じて環境を考えるプロジェクトとして、2006年に誕生した。今やエコという概念は随分社会に浸透したけれどKukkuru has been established as the project about thought of environment through consumption in 2006.、人が日々継続的に、環境について意識することは難しい。人の持つ欲望と消費を切り離すのではなく、上手く共存させながら、人々が繋がっていくような開かれた場所として、2007年12月にmother kurkku(マザークルック)は山本宇一氏プロデュース、形見一郎氏デザインによってリニューアルオープンされた。

お料理には、mother kurkku(マザークルック)の屋上庭園で栽培されたハーブなどが使われたりと、生産と消費の健全なサイクルがこんなところにも。


mother kurkku
時間:11:00〜深夜まで(ランチ 11:30〜17:00)

Text: mina
Now as we know the idea of eco have been soaking into our society, however it is hard task to keep it think of it constantly in daily life. From those ideas, mother kukkuru produced by Uichi Yamamoto has been renewed by designer Ichiro Katami. They have created it as the place of connecting with the consuming desire and eco recognition instead of separating those in daily life. There are weekly lunches and sweets other than that for dinner there are also fresh vegetables pasta menus with the concept of “soil is holding the future. What is more, they have Thai foods, Morocco foods, Japanese foods and etc…so-called cosmopolitan style. For the menus, they use the roof top cultivated herb which is one of kukkuru green project.

mother kurkku
Address: 2-18-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:00-Midnight (Lunch: 11:30-17:00)
Tel: 03-5414-0581

Text: mina
Translation: Yukino Kotake
时间:11:00-直到午夜(午餐 11:30-17:00)

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