テ・ホンTe Hong

© Te Hong

© Te Hong

中国茶だけで100種類以上。日本茶や抹茶、紅茶などのお茶専門ティーサロン「Te Hong(テ・ホン)」。「hong」とは中国語で高貴な色、紅色のこと。店内には欄間をアレンジしたテーブルが。Just with the Chinese tea, there are over 100 kinds. Tea expert tea salon, Te Hong hosts various kinds of teas including Japanese tea, matcha and black tea. ‘Hong’ in Chinese is the word for the royal reddish color実家には茶室もあり、幼少期からお茶に触れて育ったというオーナーが茶道や茶芸など作法にこだわらずに、とにかくゆったりと美味しいお茶を飲みに来て欲しいとオープン。



Te Hong(テ・ホン)
住所:東京都港区南青山6-2-2 南青山ホームズ1F
時間:日〜木 12:00〜22:00/金・土 12:00〜26:00(年末年始定休)

Text: mina
. The interior is designed with tables with Japanese transom. The store was opened by an owner, who grew up in a home with Tearoom, as a space purely for relaxing and enjoying the taste of the tea, without any strict guidelines of a traditional tea ceremony.

It is possible to order or do tasting of various teas, which are priced from 1,200 to 3,500 yen and categorised by the origin and manufacturing process into 4 types. Once seated choose your favourite tealeaves and tea bowl. If lost, consult the owner with expertise advice. You may be lucky enough to discover your new favourite tea. To maximise the original taste and flavour of tea, serving takes place right in front of your eyes. Elegantly sweet grain sauce and rice flour are delivered from Fukuoka, Umegamochi rice cake, a local sweet from Fukuoka that is lightly wrapped and warmed, rakugan sweet from Kanazawa and bean sweet from Azabu are served as snacks for the teas. Umegamochi rice cake is a sweet that wraps plum, citron, mugwort and chestnut. The texture of the baked sweet and soft grain sauce create the tasty flavour. The menu includes unique rice balls with eel and Takana lotus root.

Potteries, which are exhibited and sold, include Chinese Jingdezhen, Yixing, Fukuoka’s Takatori yaki, Saga’s Karatsu yaki and works from Seiroku Nakamura, a 92 years old national treasure. Tealeaves are also sold from 30g. The figurine of a toad with three legs is a Tripod toad from ancient Chinese mythology indicates economy fortune from the Feng Sui. It has money in its mouth, bundle of money beside its arm and seven starts on its back. By turning its face outwards in the morning and inwards at night, it is said that the economy fortune will not run away. Chatting with the owner with such an expertise knowledge will definitely make you forget to leave the store.

Te Hong
Address: 1F Minamiaoyamahomes, 6-2-2 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: Sun-Thu 12:00-22:00 / Fri-Sat 12:00-26:00
Tel: 03-3400-3755

Text: mina
Translation: Akio Usui
Te Hong
地址:東京都港区南青山6-2-2 南青山ホームズ1F
时间:周日至周四 12:00-22:00/周五,周六 12:00-26:00(新年假期)

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