In late March 2010, SERENDIPITY BAR, inspired by the fairytale of the “Three Princes of Serendip,” opened in Roppongi. Designed after speakeasies during the Prohibition era, the bar entrance opens only when spoken through an intercom「セレンディップの3人の王子」という童話からインスピレーションを得たという「SERENDIPITY BAR」が、2010年3月下旬六本木にオープンした。禁酒法時代のスピークイージーと呼ばれる潜り酒場をイメージしたというバーは、インターホンでエントランスドアを解錠してもらうシステム。セレンディピティという何か特別な偶然を手繰り寄せる場所としての大人のバーだ。






SERENDIPITY BAR(セレンディピティ・バー)
住所:東京都港区六本木4-1-12 B1F

Text and photo: mina
. True to its name, SERENDIPITY is a bar that attracts special coincidences.

The small, red, neon sign by the bar counter features the bar’s logo written in a font allegedly introduced during Prohibition. After being allowed entrance through the intercom, there is a second door, which hints at the speakeasy concept: what happens beyond these doors remain behind these doors. The painting of the “Three Princes of Serendip” in the center of the muted red wall in front of the bar counter creates a distinct impression in the dim-lit room.

Mr. Yoshida opened this bar after leaving his position at Kitaaoyama Salon, which was praised as one of the top 5 bars in the world by MONOCLE chief-in-editor Tyler Brûlé. While a wide selection of liquors is available at SERENDIPITY BAR, the original cocktails with interesting stories behind them are the main draw of this establishment.

The bar’s namesake cocktail, “Serendipity,” (1,400 yen) is a smooth medicinal liquor with low alcohol content. The apple-based concoction boiled with spices and herbs are let to rest overnight. It somehow triggers nostalgia, yet it has a unique, novel taste that is surprising and delicious. Mr. Yoshida expresses the necessary element of “coincidence” by reformulating this cocktail after analyzing and breaking down the conventional “best marriage” in cocktail blending.

“Lady in Devil” (1,200 yen) is based on the image of a woman as a devil. The cocktail conveys a message that encourages women to release their naturally devilish sides instead of always waiting for men to make advances. It is a short cocktail that contains Parfait Amour, the purple liquor that means “perfect love” in French, shaken with vodka, St. Germain, and pomegranate preserves.

From the candle placed on one side of the entrance, the painting, the cocktails with stories to the wallpaper in the bathrooms, playful traces of mystery and of the bar’s particular tastes are scattered all over this Roppongi speakeasy. What kind of secret you share tonight, and whether the serendipitous quality within you will blossom depends on your visit to this bar.

Address: B1F, 4-1-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 19:00 – 03:00 (Weekend till 06:00)
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday
Tel: 03-6277-7151

Text and photo: mina
Translation: Makiko Arima
地址:东京都港区六本木4-1-12 B1F

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