Akiyoshi Mishima, FAMILY, 2009 © NANZUKA UNDERGROUND

Akiyoshi Mishima, FAMILY, 2009 © NANZUKA UNDERGROUND

2005年10月、ビデオディレクター、VJなど多彩な活動で有名な宇川直宏氏と、気鋭クリエイターグループ「他社比社」との共同経営によるクラブ付きオフィスIn October 2005, having associated with a cooperated office “Mixrooffice”, operated by a famous video director, VJ Naohiro Ukawa and upcoming creative group “iseneehihinee”, Mixrooffice」とともにオープンした渋谷のコンテンポラリー・アートギャラリー「NANZUKA UNDERGROUND(ナンズカ・アンダーグラウンド)」。


2008年3月に共同オフィスであった「Mixrooffice」が閉鎖。それに伴い規模拡大となるリニューアルオープンを実施。メインのギャラリースペースは以前のおよそ2倍まで増床。また2009年には渋谷を離れ、山本現代及び児玉画廊他が所在を構える白金のギャラリーコンプレックスビル「SHIROKANE ART COMPLEX」の2階に移転した。

『デートコースの一つとして、カップル達にふらっと寄ってもらいたい。』 同ギャラリーのディレクター兼、オーナーの南塚真史氏はそう語る。


住所:東京都港区白金3-1-15 SHIROKANE ART COMPLEX 2F

Text: Naoko Kawaguchi
NANZUKA UNDERGROUND was opened as a new contemporary art gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Despite the accessible location, where is just 5 mins from east exit of Shibuya station, this off-street underground gallery gets you out of bustling Shibuya climate and makes you feel like arriving at a secret space hidden from man street.

From its opening, the gallery is actively supporting young and energetic artists such as above Naohito Ukawa, Keiichi Tanaami, Mustone, Tomoki Kurokawa.etc.

As art space/club, this whole space has becomes a creative community in Tokyo and steady popularity has been obtained around people with high sensitivity.

In this March 2008, the gallery was appointed for the renewal stage, which was attributed by the closing of cooperated office “Mixrooffice”, the gallery was set to expand its gallery space practically and restarted with double space from previous period. In 2009 the gallery was relocated away from its space in Shibuya to the gallery complex building Shirogane Art Complex in where Yamamoto Gendai, Kodama Gallery and others has been set up.

“I want to place the gallery where couples are stopping by as their one of dating spot.” says a director and owner of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Mr.Shinji Nanzuka.

How many new bloods are emerging from this underground space in Shibuya near future? The gallery will continue to be paid special attention as the communication space for those sender (artist) and receiver (supporter) and their active creation should benefit to new generation soon after…

Address: 2F SHIROKANE ART COMPLEX, 3-1-15 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
Tel: 03-6459-3130

Text: Naoko Kawaguchi
地址:東京都港区白金3-1-15 SHIROKANE ART COMPLEX 2F

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