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© Gallery 916

© Gallery 916

In February 2012, in Tokyo harbor area Takeshiba, the photography art gallery “Gallery 916”, curated by photographer Yoshihiko Ueda and “G/P gallery” supervisor Shigeo Goto, opened. When you step into the gallery, you might feel what a luxury2012年2月、東京は竹芝の港エリアに、写真家の上田義彦氏と「G/Pギャラリー」を主宰する後藤繁雄氏がキュレーターをつとめる写真ギャラリー「ギャラリー916」がオープンした。ギャラリーに一歩入って感じられるのは、東京の都心部にこの広さがプロデュースされているということの贅沢さ


この地にギャラリーをオープンしたのは、古くから親交のあった上田氏と後藤氏が上田氏の新作の発表にあたり、その発表にふさわしい場所としてこの場所を選んだことがはじまりだったそう。 新作「Materia」シリーズは、上田氏が1993年に森を撮ったシリーズ「Quinault」以降、初めて森に向かい、撮られたもの。撮影されたのは2011年3月の東日本震災直後。屋久島への渡航を決意し、自然との対話を通して写された作品群は、「新しい始まり」を感じさせられる、まさにスタートにふさわしい展示となった。


Gallery 916
住所:東京都港区海岸1-14-24 鈴江第3ビル6F

Text: Yu Miyakoshi
it is for a gallery to have such a wide space in the center of Tokyo.

There is a beauty about the space itself and a decadent beauty in remodeling an old warehouse (furniture included) into a classical room. In this place you don’t need to worry about either bumping into someone or feeling hurried, there is only a gigantic space, pictures and yourself facing them. If those who live busily would come here I can assure that they would forget about the complications in their lives. The 600 square meters and high ceiling gives us a feeling of freedom.

The story behind the area of choice for this gallery is that Ueda and Goto were old friends and at the time of Ueda’s announcement of his new work, a suitable place for it was chosen. Ueda’s new series “Materia“ was shot in the forest, and it was the first forest series since “Quinault” in 1993. The photographs were taken in March 2011, just after the earthquake disaster in eastern Japan. He decided to go to Yakushima and take pictures through dialogue with nature. The series gives us the feeling of a “New Beginning”. This exhibition is really appropriate for a new start.

The entrance inside of the old warehouse building might be difficult for newcomers to find at first. However, if you enter through the main entrance and get to the 6th floor by using the elevator, you will find a beautiful world of photography spread out in front of your eyes.

The most pleasant luxury is a thing that warms your heart and make the time pass slowly. If you find an ammonite drawn on a building towering near the sea, you are there !

Gallery 916
Address: 6F Suzue Dai 3 Build., 1-14-24 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 (Saturday and Holiday till 18:00)
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: 03-5403-9161

Text: Yu Miyakoshi


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