ティーンエイジ・エンジニアリングTeenage Engineering

Photo: Emil Kullänger

Photo: Emil Kullänger

When you´re a kid you are full of innate imagination, you create a new state of mind and new ideas flow easily. Perhaps many of you remember for instance how easy was driving in your imaginary flying car子どもの頃、あなたは生まれながらに持った想像力に満ち、新しい気持ちや新しいアイデアを簡単に生み出すことができた。おそらくこれを読んでいる皆さんの多くはこんなことを覚えているだろう。例えば、想像の中の空飛ぶ車に乗って庭の茂みや家の周りを飛び回ったというようなことを。想像は力だ。最近ではテクノロジーが夢を創造するようになり、私たちの多くは子どもの頃、2010年が近づく頃には空飛ぶ車は現実になると考えていた。










バー&レストラン:Snottys いつもここ!間違いない場所です。
レストラン:La Neta ストックホルムで最初のメキシカン。
音楽:Snickars recordsMickes

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Shiori Saito
next to the bushes in the garden or just around the house. Imagination is power. Nowadays technology makes us dream and although many of us at this stage, close to 2010, we thought that those flying cars would be real. People like Teenage Engineering make us believe that those things could happen. It is not that common to find a studio that combines new technology with high-ended inventions and good taste.

I arranged for myself to visit their studio in Södermalm. Walking by Bondegatan avenue with crazy rain hitting Stockholm but nothing could put down all my excitement on this meeting.

David, at a first overview of your work guys I just can say awesomely talented. How could you describe in your own words such a labor and what the studio develops?

Thanks!! We primarily try to do things we would like to have ourselves. Things that is practical, looks and works good! You know, we work a lot and have kind of the same interests so we just create stuff that we haven’t done before.

Workflow in prototypes or production series?

We do both our own products, the OP-1, the StudioSystem light rig, and some other future things. Then at times we get fun offers doing customer projects that incorporates design, electronics, sound etc. Like the Choir we did for Absolut where we spent 3 months doing woodwork, building 23 wooden characters with built in sound etc.

So do you think that through technology the final result can become art?

Hmm, We like to do some more work within this field, for sure! First things first, Need to complete the OP-1, after that we have a thing in mind that correlates to what you might need when doing sound dev & installations!!

There is also a Swedish project for 2012 called The Moon House which intends to build a summer house on the moon. Do you think it could be also possible to make a performance on the moon?

Yes, we actually have a project in mind which will be one of the biggest synths ever made. The time plan on this project is set for release 2023.

Could you tip me some cool places in town that you enjoy?

Bar & Food: Snottys! Everytime!! No need for options.
Bar: Sjöhästen
Food: La Neta, Stockholms first mexican, thank you!
Records: Snickars records and Mickes

Text: Victor Moreno

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