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Edvard Scott is illustrator and graphic designer, who was formerly a member of a Sweden-representing design unit “Stockholm Design Lab”. He went to New York after leaving the labスウェーデンを代表するデザイナー集団「ストックホルム・デザイン・ラボ」に在籍し、インターンからアートディレクターまでを務め上げた後、2008年にニューヨークに渡り、現在は再びストックホルムを拠点に活動を展開するイラストレーター/グラフィックデザイナーのエドバード・スコット。その色彩豊かなデザインは、2006年に札幌「SOSO CAFE」での個展で披露された他、グラフィック作品集「フォーラブ&マネー:ニューイラストレーション」(2010)に収録されるなど、目に触れる機会は多い。現在も、イラストから雑誌のレイアウト、ノキア、K-Swiss、ミニ・クーパー、ロレアルなど大企業のシンボルマーク、モーション・グラフィックスの制作まで幅広いグラフィック・ワークを手がける。














レストラン・バー「バビロン」(Björns Trädgårdsgränd 4)
レストラン「プボロギ」(Stora Nygatan 20)
カフェ「プティット・フランス」(John Ericssonsgatan 6)
王立図書館 (Humlegården)

Text: Julie Morikawa
Translation: Ayako Ishii
, and is now living and working once again in Stockholm. His colorful works were included in “For Love and Money: New Illustration” (2010) etc. He also gave a solo exhibition at SOSO CAFE in Sapporo in 2006. His current activities include illustration, magazine layouts, production of corporate identities and motion graphics for clients such as Nokia, K-Swiss, Mini Cooper, L’Oréal and many more.

Please introduce yourself.

Edvard Scott, illustrator and graphic designer. Lives and currently works in Stockholm, Sweden.

How did you get started as a graphic designer and illustrator?

Oh, I’ve told versions of some kind of story about this so many times I don’t think there’s a definite answer anymore. Honestly, I’m not sure when I started as a graphic designer and illustrator, but I do it today and I have been for the last seven years, and it’s still the one thing I enjoy thinking about all the time.

Other than your work, what are some of your interests and what do you enjoy when your not busy?

I buy books, and sometimes I read them. I listen to a lot of radio, some Swedish shows but also American podcasts like RadioLab and This American Life. I like to cook, I have these monthly soup kitchens for my friends.

What other artists do you like, and why?

Guido Mocafico, photographer. Tom Crabtree, art director and graphic designer. Mario Hugo, illustrator. Sol LeWitt, artist. I like them because of their ideas, and how they express them visually.

Do you enjoy the art and music scene in Sweden?

Yes. But I’m not taking advantage of it enough. Shame on me.

What kind of things would you like to do next?

I’m working on my new website, two book projects and then I’m planing on some vacation.

Please tell us some place in Stockholm that you like.

Babylon (Björns Trädgårdsgränd 4)
Pubologi (Stora Nygatan 20)
Petite France (John Ericssonsgatan 6)
Kungl. Biblioteket (Humlegården)

Text: Julie Morikawa

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