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© Kivik Art Center

© Kivik Art Center

For many Swedes, the town of Kivik and the rural area, which surrounds it called Österlen, is a synonym for art and craftsmanship. Many famous Swedish artists, authors and musicians多くのスウェーデン人にとって、シビックと周辺のエスタレーンと呼ばれる農村地域は、芸術や職人の作品と同じ意味合いを持っている。スウェーデン出身の多くの有名芸術家、作家、そして音楽家の間では has settled down in this beautiful landscape, almost to the extent that it has become an cliché and in the summers many city dwellers retreat to their summer houses along the coast.

Here in Bergdala, just north of the Stenshuvud national park, lies Kivik Art Center, which could be described as a Swedish Serpentine Gallery, set in a more rural landscape. Along a small gravel road in the beech forest lays small outdoor galleries, some open just for one visitor at the time. But they work not only as a pavilion to house the art, but rather as a fusion between art and architecture. As the works are site-specific, the experience of the art and the site, the landscape is very much intertwined.

Since it’s start in 2007 the work by Snøhetta, Tom Sandberg, Antony Gormley and David Chipperfield has been presented and each summer two new artists are presented. This year’s pavilion is the work by the British video artist Runa Islam and the Swedish architect Petra Gipp.

Kivik Art Center
Address: Bergdalagård, Lilla Stenshuvud, 277 35 Simrishamn, Sweden
Opening Hours: 11:00-17:00 (after 15/8 opened during weekends)
Tel: +46 733 900 182

Text: Erik Westeman



Kivik Art Center
住所:Bergdalagård, Lilla Stenshuvud, 277 35 Simrishamn, Sweden
TEL:+46 733 900 182

Text: Erik Westeman
Translation: Kazuyuki Yoshimura


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