The Swedish Museum of Photography or Fotografiska is an institution created with the aim for not just to exhibit the work of Scandinavian and international artistsスウェーデン写真博物館・フォトグラフィスカは、スカンジナビア人や海外のアーティスト達の作品を展示するだけではなく、アーティスト本人によるワークショップやセミナーを通して更なる交流の場を生み出す事を目的に設立された施設だ。従来の現代美術館のイメージを超えて、建物内には他にもギャラリーやアカデミーが併設されている。20世紀初頭の素晴らしいアール・ヌーボー様式のこの建物は、その歴史的価値ゆえに政府から保護されている。


彼らのプロフィールをよりよく理解するために、ミュージアムではアンディ・ウォーホルの作品や写真の展示が行われたり、アニー・リーボヴィッツ、ガス・ヴァン・サント、サラ・ムーンのようなアーティスト達によるワークショップが行われる。このような大きな展示は年に4回行われる。『私達は革新的な展示スペースを写真家達に与えたいと思っている。写真以外のメディアも取り入れた様々な展示プログラム を通して、勢いのある若手スウェーデン人アーティストや海外のアーティストを取り上げ、写真の本質について意見を交わし、様々な視点から見つめる事ができる場所を目標にしている。』と、フォトグラフィスカのチーフキュレーター、エバ・デ・フェールは語る。


住所:Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm, 11645 Stockholm
入館料:大人 110 SEK / 学生・シニア 80 SEK / 12歳以下無料
TEL:+46 8 50 900 500

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Yumiko Isa
but also to create a further dialogue throughout workshops and seminars guided by the artist itself when possible. Beyond of the established idea of a contemporary museum, they offer a package integrated in the same building with an additional gallery and their academy. The place is protected by the Government thanks to its historical value: a wonderful Art Nouveau building from early 20th century.

The Fotografiska Academy develops curses to learn about photography, digital image editing and visual communication. Also you find their store with a selection of literature on photography, architecture and design. Due to the possibilities of the building itself, there is the option to be used as event space.

To get a better understanding about their profile, the museum held exhibitions around Andy Warhol´s figure, photography and workshops with artists from the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Gus Van Sant or Sarah Moon.

The idea is to get 4 major exhibitions per year. – “We want to offer an innovative exhibition space for the photographic arts. With a varied exhibition program open to media other than photography, where both emerging young Swedish artists and international artists are represented, we aim to engage a discussion about the nature of photography, and to illuminate this from a number of perspectives.” – Ebba de Faire, Chief Curator, Fotografiska.

The building is located towards the Baltic entrance. In addition to the café-bistro you have the restaurant, both embraced by a panorama window panel; an exceptional opportunity to relax and see Stockholm´s skyline. In fact, to promote themselves, during the first period when the museum opened its doors, it was possible to see ads in the tube wagons claiming -“ People often say that we have the best view in Stockholm but when they come here, they are often too occupied looking at the exhibition”.

Address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm, 11645 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00
Fee: Adults (+12) 110 SEK / Students and Seniors 80 SEK / Children Free
Tel: +46 8 50 900 500

Text: Victor Moreno

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