ランデヴープロジェクトRendez-vous Project

HIBINOKODUE & FUJIGOMU © Rendez-vous Project

HIBINOKODUE & FUJIGOMU © Rendez-vous Project

ランデヴープロジェクトの参加メンバーと、静岡市内の地場産業がコラボレートして、新しい視点のモノづくりをおこなうプロジェクトです。The Rendez-vous Project in Shizuoka offers a chance for local industries in various fields to collaborate with artists and designers to bring new perspectives to the development of products. また、今回のプロジェクトは、商品開発というモノづくりに留まらず、流通チャネルの開発、マーケティングなど、開発した商品を販売することまでも視野に入れたプロジェクトです。


The project provides manufacturers who have never developed their own products with opportunities to do so. Artists and designers provide innovative ideas for the designs of new products. Work does not end simply with product development. The Rendez-vous Project is also concerned with the development of distribution channels and marketing.
The theme in 2006 is “Ryokan Standards.” Participants have begun developing products that cater to the most sophisticated tastes in traditional Japanese living space. This year, three designers -two Australian and one Japanese- are working in collaboration with local manufacturers.

The Rendez-vous Project is part of an endeavor in “applied art” launched by Spiral/Wacoal Art Center. Companies with highly advanced skills, technologies, and experience team up with artists with creative ideas to develop next-generation products.
The Rendez-vous Project fully utilizes the expertise and know-how of manufacturers and the creativity of artists to develop environmentally-friendly products that satisfy the needs of each individual. In this project, participating artists, engineers, scientists, and corporate staff engage in repeated discussions, exchanging ideas and exploring the potential of various products.

Rendez-vous Project

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