ビュフェ美術館Bernard Buffet Museum

Bernard Buffet museum © Clematis no Oka

Bernard Buffet museum © Clematis no Oka

ビュフェ美術館は、フランスの画家ベルナール・ビュフェ(1928〜1999)の作品のみを収蔵する美術館として、1973年11月25日に開館。建築家の菊竹清訓氏による設計で自然と共存する美術館The Bernard Buffet museum is dedicated to works of French artist, Bernard Buffet [1928-1999] only. Opened in November, 1973, an architect Kikunori Kikuchi designed this nature compatible art museum. The Buffet’s signature is written on the white wall of the triangular building located in the center of the site, suggesting Buffet’s black lines.

The museum stores about 2000 works including his earlier monochrome works, 500 oil and water paintings and over 1500 other engravings.In 1988 the museum constructed a new building and the new building for engraving was opened in 1996, exhibiting drypoints, lithographs, waterpaints, rough sketches, artist books and posters. Buffet Kodomo Art Museum was built in 1999; they are challenging various things to look for new forms of art museum could be.

Bernard Buffet Museum
Address: 515-57 Clematis-no-oka, Nagaizumi-cho, Shizuoka
Open: January 10:00-16:30 / February&March 10:00-17:00
   April-August 10:00-18:00 / September&October 10:00-17:00
   November&December 10:00-16:30 (Closed on Wednesday)
Entrance Fee: Adult 1000 Yen / Student 500 Yen
Tel: 055-986-1300


時間:1月 10:00〜16:30/2・3月 10:00〜17:00/4〜8月 10:00〜18:00
   9・10月 10:00〜17:00/11・12月 10:00〜16:30(入館は30分前まで)
入館料:大人 1000円/高・大学生 500円/中学生以下無料
The Bernard Buffet 美术馆
時間:1月 10:00-16:30/2・3月 10:00-17:00/4至8月 10:00-18:00
   9・10月 10:00-17:00/11・12月 10:00-16:30
承认:大人 1000円/高・大学生 500円/初中免费

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