スーパー・ネイチャーSUPER NATURE

いつまでも飽きないモノ。そのひとつに「自然」という言葉が必ず存在すると思う。「自然×自然」「人×感情」私達にとってかけがいのない大切なコト、モノ。Things you never get tired of; one of them could be Nature. The interaction between Nature and Nature, or People and feelings is a significant aspect of our life.それを形に表し、クリエイティブなモノにするのは簡単な様で、意外と難しい。しかし上海を拠点に活動しているスーパー・ネイチャーは、その難しいテーマを綺麗に、そしてコンセプトからぶれる事無く私達に見せつけてくれるデザインチームだ。









TEL:+86 21 6218 3688

Text: Kazumi Oiwa
Translation: Mariko Takei
It is not as simple as it may seem to represent it to make something creative. The Shanghai-based design team, SUPER NATURE, however, challenges such creation and reveal their concept clearly.

Could you introduce yourself (SUPER NATURE)?

SUPER NATURE is a Shanghai based multi-discipline design company. We enjoy making great interactive design, visual communication & developing new media technology. We believe in making good design that is able to ‘create moments of engagement’ & giving good inspiration for our daily life.

Your works are based on nature. So is your company name, SUPER NATURE. Please tell us the reason why you have been focusing on nature.

We have been living in New Zealand for many years and we actually learnt a lot from Nature. Nature is our source of inspiration! There are so many great ideas naturally inspired by Nature. The growth of nature, the changes of lights, richness in color and those beautiful nature forms inspired us to see in different perspectives in design creation and also in life too.

Please let us know your recommends on places (galleries, clubs, restaurants, etc.) in Shanghai.

Galleries: M50 (50 Moganshan Road)
Club: The Shelter (5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu)
Restaurant: Lost Heaven (38 Gaoyou Road)

How do you spend time in your holidays?

Enjoy the local foods and culture. Relaxxxx!! : )

Address: No.29 Lane 319 Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6218 3688

Text: Kazumi Oiwa

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