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© 2012 LD&K inc. Shanghai. All Rights Reserved.

© 2012 LD&K inc. Shanghai. All Rights Reserved.

Mika Ninagawa has produced a restaurant called “Shanghai Rose” in the Bund, China, which opened on 1 March 2013.The owner is Hidemasa Otani, who is president of a production company called “LD&K2013年3月、蜷川実花プロデュースのカフェ・バー「上海ローズ」が外灘源(ワイタンゲン)にオープンした。オーナーは東京渋谷の宇田川カフェに代表される多くのカフェを手がけてきた「LD&K」の大谷秀政だ。デザイナーは「Kloka」の高橋晃が務めている。彼らが組み、上海に新たなエンターテインメントの場をつくり出した。




Shanghai Rose | Bar & Cafè on the Bund
TEL:+86 21 6052 7171

Text: Hiromi Nomoto
, he is also manages a lot of cafes known as “utagawa cafe” in Shibuya, Tokyo. The restaurant was designed by Akira Takahashi, from “Kloka“. They have made this new entertainment place in Shanghai together.

Currently there is a reconstruction project ongoing on the north side of the Bund. The purpose is to reproduce buildings that were originally built in a concession long ago using documents from that time. The “Shanghai Rose” is in the former Shanghai Rowing Club, one of the buildings originally built in 1905. The building has 2 floors and quite unusually the whole space is being used only for the restaurant rather than including other shops. It is 488m2 wide inside with a space of 300m2 outside. One way of approaching the building, from the South Suzhou way towards the “Shanghai Rose” through the Old Summer Palace is Ms. Ninagawa’s favorite.

Inside the restaurant you can find Ninagawa’s work printed on the cushions and the ceilings which create a bewitching mood and the guests can become lost in her world. On the ground floor there is a cafe with seating for enjoying beverages and meals, and on the second floor past stairs filled with roses, you will see printed goldfish kissing each other on a thick drop curtain. You can also find a pole by the bar counter, two cranes settled at overhead, and a DJ space. Many events will definitely be held here.

In the interview Ms. Ninagawa said that she has a dream to shoot a film in Shanghai, which would absolutely include the location at “Shanghai Rose.”  Both fans of her work and people who want entertainment will find fun here. The “Shanghai Rose” is a special restaurant amongst the many cafes that can be found in the Bund, Shanghai.

Shanghai Rose | Bar & Cafè on the Bund
Address: No.76 Nan Suzhou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Opening Hours: 9:00〜03:00
Tel: +86 21 6052 7171

Text: Hiromi Nomoto
Translation: Eiko Kondo

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