龍美術館Long Museum

Long Museum West Bund by Deshaus Shanghai China

Long Museum West Bund by Deshaus Shanghai China

Founded by Chinese couple collectors, Mr. Liu Yiqian and his wife, Ms. Wang Wei, the general director, the Long Museum owns two huge places for exhibition and related functions: Long Museum中国のアートコレクター、劉益謙・王薇夫妻(ジェネラル・ディレクター兼務)が設立した龍美術館は、ギャラリースペースや様々な機能を備えた二つの巨大な施設、東岸館と西岸館に分かれており、「一都市、二大美術館」をテーマに上海アートのユニークな生態系を構成している。




住所:No.210, Lane 2255, Luoshan Road, Shanghai

Text: Aya Shomura
Pudong and Long Museum West Bund. They constitute a unique ecosystem of art in Shanghai: “One City, Two Museums.”

Long Museum Pudong was officially opened to the public on December 18th, 2012. With a total area of approximately 10,000 square meters, it is designed by Chinese architect Zhong Song. The building looks like a square with a tone of grayish white from the outside and is constructed chiefly with granite, which adds to the minimalist, pure, and restrained style of the East. Long Museum West Bund was designed by Liu Yichun, a Chinese architect of Atelier Deshaus, the building covers an area of 33,000 square meters with up to 16,000 square meters for exhibition. The main part of the building is a unique umbrella-vaulted structure.

As world-renowned art collectors, the couple’s collection is systematically large, covering traditional Chinese art, modern and contemporary Chinese art, “red classics” as well as contemporary art of Asia and Europe. Based on their private collections, the Long Museum is devoted not only to professional art exhibitions, researches, and collections but also to the promotion of cultural education in public. It aims to take up the responsibility of propelling continuous development and inheritance of art; focuses on the contrastive display and study of art, Western and Eastern,ancient and contemporary, while strengthening its local cultural roots; presents the diversity of visual art from a global perspective; systematically showcases the splendid achievements of Chinese art as well as the vitality of contemporary art all over the world; and eventually forges itself into a world-class private museum.

“Art is no longer far away from the public but is seamlessly integrated into people’s daily life and leisure”. This is exactly the original intention and sincere wish of the couple founders, Mr. Liu Yiqian and Ms. Wang Wei, when they set up the Museum.

Long Museum
Address: No.210, Lane 2255, Luoshan Road, Shanghai
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00 (Till 21:00 on Friday and Saturday)
Closed on Monday
Tel: 021-6877-8787

Text: Aya Shomura

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