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© FQ Projects

「FQプロジェクト」は若手現代アーティストの発展と促進を専門にしている。FQプロジェクトのある淮海坊は、上海で最も有名で文化的な路地があり、巴金、許広平、徐悲鴻や蝴蝶をはじめとする多くの著名な文化人FQ Projects specializes in promoting and developing young contemporary artists. It is located in Huai Hai Fang which is one of the most famous cultural lanes in Shanghaiが20年代、30年代に住むなど、上海の中流階級からも支持されているエリアだ。このことがこの通りに文化的な雰囲気を豊富に醸し出している。また、このエリアは常に上海の文化の代表とされる場所で、文化革命の後に威信のある地域の習慣は薄められはしたものの、路地から少し外れた近代的な町並みと比べて、本来の上海の「心情」を映し出している暖かい雰囲気と人間性を現在に残している。

FQ Projects
TEL:+86 21 6466 2940

Translation: Yuya Masumoto
favoured by the Shanghai bourgeois class and where a lot of well-known cultural figures lived during the 1920’ s and 30’ s, such as Ba Jin, Xu Guangping, Xu Beihong and Hu Die. This has created a rich cultural atmosphere for this lane. This area has always been one of the representative places for Shanghai culture. Although after the cultural revolution the prestigious area codes were diluted within Shanghai, one can still feel the coziness and humanity reflecting the original Shanghai ‘sentiments’ in Huai Hai Fang compared to the modern match boxes and concrete jungle just outside on Huai Hai Lu.

FQ is in stark contrast to the drift for Chinese contemporary art to be displayed in warehouse style galleries following the American and North European trend, often set in a few hundred square meters or even thousands. The artworks are “the bigger the better”, exaggeration and overstatement became the mainstream. FQ Projects is presenting artwork that is high in quality, with an emphasis on significance and humanity. Framing them within a real living space and neighborhood scenario, FQ aims to promote and support those thoughtful artworks and artists who differ from the mainstream. This is not only to fill the niche of the restless Chinese contemporary art and fast-food life style, but also to carry a tradition of ‘small but delicate’ Shanghai culture.

FQ Projects
Address: 76, No.927 Huaihai Mid Road, Luwan District, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6466 2940

电话:+86 21 6466 2940

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