アートソジェ美術館Artsonje Museum

© Artsonje Museum

© Artsonje Museum

慶州プモン総合ビルにあるアートソジェ美術館は1991年にオープンした私営の現代美術の美術館。Artsonje Museum which is situated in the Gyeongju Bomun complex is a private contemporary art museum opened in 1991.Pil韓国のCEO、チャン・ヘジャの個人的なコレクションから始まったアートソジェ美術館は、そのコレクションからメジャーな現代美術作品を展覧会でみせると企画して始まった。アートソジェセンターが新しいアートシーンの中での若い韓国アーティストの美術表現にフォーカスを当てている中で、アートソジェ美術館はメジャーな現代美術の発展と、確立したアーティストの回顧展をコレクションからすることに集中している。アートソジェセンターとアートソジェ美術館では、違う任務があり、韓国の美術分野でバランスをとっている。

Artsonje Museum
住所:370 Sinpyeong-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Seoul
時間:火〜日 10:00〜18:00
TEL:+82 54 745 7075

Translation: Asami Miyamura
Artsonje Museum, which began from the private collection of Chung Heeja, CEO of Pil Korea, Ltd., organizes exhibitions showing major contemporary artworks from its collection. While Artsonje Center focuses on representing art by young Korean artists in the current art scene, Artsonje Museum focuses on exhibiting works from its collection representing major contemporary art movements and the retrospective exhibitions of established artists. Artsonje Center and Artsonje Museum have different missions and they create balance in Korean art field.

The Artsonje Museum collection consists of 450 pieces including sculptures, paintings, photographs from Europe and the United States from the 1960’s and major Korean Modern art from the 1970’s. Its contemporary Eastern Europe art collection and collection of decorative art are acknowledged as a rare collection in the country.

The Artsonje Museum also organizes one or two special exhibitions a year other than exhibiting from its collection. Contemporary art is historically explored with major international exhibitions in connection with overseas museums, and the museum also organizes exhibitions by established –both domestic and overseas– artists who represent the flow of today’s art. In addition, in order to respond to the need for a diverse cultural experience for the local citizens, various lectures are organized and it is establishing itself as an important cultural venue for the local public.

Gyeongju, where the Museum is located, was the capital city of Shilla ancient kingdom (BC 57~AD 978). As an ancient city that boasts a well preserved Buddhist heritage and rich cultural heritage, it is a major international tourist site with many well preserved historical sites all over the city.

The Artsonje Museum is a unique place for the meeting of the ancient historical heritage of Kyungju and contemporary art; it is where the old meets the new, and the local connects to the global, and it is a cultural site for the inheritance of the tradition and the creation of a new culture.

Artsonje Museum
Address: 370 Sinpyeong-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Seoul
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00
Tel: +82 54 745 7075

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