感覚ミュージアムKankaku Museum

Air Traverse @ Kankaku Museum

Air Traverse @ Kankaku Museum

2000年8月、宮城県北西部の岩出山に、視覚・聴覚・嗅覚・味覚・触覚といった、人間の持つ「五感」をテーマとする、日本で初めての施設「感覚ミュージアム」が誕生した。ミュージアムの目的は、感覚体験を通して感性を磨き、想像力を高めることWhat comes to mind when you think of a museum? Many of you probably imagine a place where you quietly view exhibits. But the Kankaku (Senses) Museum, which opened year 2000 in Iwadeyamaで、物質文明に生きる私たちが失いがちな「ゆとり」や「心の豊かさ」を取り戻すことにある。



料金:大人 500円/高校生 300円/小・中学生 250円
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This facility, which has been labeled a sensory wellness facility, offers many exhibits and devices for stimulating the human senses. It is a rather unique, hands-on museum.

The exhibits can be separated into two categories. There are areas called “Dialogue zones” where your senses are actively stimulated, and areas called “Monologue zones” where you can quietly enter into your own world.

Two dialogue zones are the Forest of Darkness, where you enter a dark room and, as you walk along, search for objects with your hands, and the Space and Sound, where you can actually feel the movement of sound.

An example of a monologue zone is The Fragrance Forest. As you walk among fantastical paper-art forms, you are surrounded by the natural fragrances of Iwadeyama. Being able to touch and to enter into exhibits makes for an unusual experience.

The museum is popular among both adults and children. Some people spend a long time in just one room and many people return to the museum again and again. When you have time, please go and experience the museum for yourself.

Kankaku Museum
Address: 100 Shimokawaramachi, Iwadeyama, Osakicity, Miyagi
Open: 9:30-17:00 (Closed on Monday)
Entrance Fee: Adult 500Yen / High School Student 300Yen / Junior highschool student 250Yen
Tel: 0229-72-5588
休息日: 星期一
承认:成人 500円/高校生 300円/小・中学生 250円

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