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© The Intelligence

Noise and Seattle, how many times have we ever heard these 2 words together? Lars Finberg carries on with such an heritage. He is a musician Seattle-based who dives into low-fi, reverbs and distortionノイズとシアトル、これらの二つの単語は切っても切れない縁があるようだ。シアトルを拠点に活躍するラース・フィンバーグはローファイ、リバーブ、ディストーションを駆使した独創的な音を生み出す。元々、彼はA Frames」のドラマーだったが、サブ・ポップとの契約を期にバンドを去り、ザ・インテリジェンスとしての活動に本格的に力を入れ始めたのだ。これまでに、「Boredom and Terror」など、既に6枚のアルバムをリリースし、更にイン・ザ・レッドレコーズからは、「Icky Baby」、「Deuteronomy」を、そして恐らく最も評価の高い2009年のアルバム「Fake Surfers」の3タイトルをリリースしている。








スタンプタウンでコーヒーを飲んで、ナーバスネリーズでトーストを食べる。ヘーゼルウッドで少し飲んで、「Café Moose」か「Juaca」のメキシコ料理に行くのもおすすめかな。「Than Brothers」は安くておいしいフォーがある。「Fantagraphics」はマンガが置いてある本屋で、すこく気に入ってる。「Wall of sound music」はいい音楽が揃っている最高の店だね。

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Junko Isogawa
still with melodic compositions. Yeah Finberg got his own experience from a home made DIY first experimenting phase. He was drummer of A Frames, and after sign by Sub Pop he left the band to concentrate on The Intelligence. They have released 6 albums, debut Boredom and Terror, then 3 with In the red records Icky Baby, Deuteronomy and Fake Surfers in 2009, perhaps their most acclaimed LP so far.

Some highlights in these 5 years of The Intelligence?

Paris is my favorite. We can sell out the smallest club in town about 5 cities. I wish we did better but that´s still better than we ever though we´d do. 5 people came to see us in my hometown – Bakersfield, California. 2 of them were my sister and brother!
Macedonia was cool and very cheap. I got dropped on my head and put in a neck brace and taken to the hospital in France, that was a highlight.

Tell me about your equipment and how do you usually record/compose.

We have broken 8 track cassette recorder I did few records on. It´s fun and easy and loud. We could only afford to record ourselves so it was raw and homemade. Now we have gone in a studio 3 times. It´s more fun and it sounds nicer to my ears.

Please tell us about Seattle.

Seattle is very uptight. All the people are so vitamin D –Deficient. They are the worst honkies you´ll every honked at by. Music here is mostly terrible. Lots of clubs and lots of Marshall Stacks and lots of bands you wouldn´t cross the street to turn down their wah wah pedals. Good food and good coffee though.

Drop me some good places in Seattle, a few tips for our readers.

Get coffee from Stumptown, eat toast at Nervous Nellies. Have a drink at Hazelwood. Eat Mexican food at Café Moose or Juaca. Than Brothers is great cheap pho. Fantagraphics comics is here, great store. Wall of sound music has the best records.

Text: Victor Moreno

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